A Sellery Hall house fellow and hall officials called University of Wisconsin Police last weekend when a house fellow’s room was entered, vandalized and toilet papered by an unknown person.

UWPD Lieutenant Mark Silbernagel said the damage was “maliciously” done while the house fellow was out of the building with other residents during a fire alarm.

Silbernagel said there was not significant monetary damage done to the room. Instead, the house fellow’s belongings were shifted, but not broken, and the room was toilet papered last Friday night.

Sellery Hall Area Coordinator James Franzone said police had originally thought the house fellow’s keys were stolen, but they were found inside luggage in the room. He added house fellows do not have master keys for the buildings in which they work and live.

Although both Sellery officials and UWPD are continuing to investigate the vandalism, Franzone said nobody has admitted to the crime.

“We’ve contacted the house to see if anyone would come forward and talk,” he said. “At this point, no one has come forward and taken responsibility for their actions”.

Silbernagel said as far as he knew, this incident is the only one that specifically targeted a house fellow in any of the residence halls on campus this semester.

He added, however, that property damage and vandalism, particularly alcohol-related incidents, are extremely common on campus.

“We certainly see a lot of alcohol-related incidents that result in light criminal damage and are crimes involving disturbances,” he said.

He added that given the time and circumstances of the incident, it is likely that alcohol was involved in the crime.

“Since it was about one o’clock in the morning and it was a … Friday morning, I definitely think it’s possible that alcohol was a factor in what happened,” he said.

Silbernagel added the investigation is open and ongoing.