University of Wisconsin police officers responded to a report of a suspect making an attempt to steal a video projector from a classroom inside Noland Hall Saturday, a UWPD statement said.

The suspect told officers he was in the building to use the restroom, but then admitted to urinating outside once he left the building.

He was detained and a UWPD evidence technician reviewed the area. The technician came to the conclusion that he had been inside the classroom, according to the statement.

UWPD Lieutenant Mark Silbernagel said the suspect may have been involved in numerous property crimes on campus.

“There have been several property crimes on campus – these are by far the most common crimes we see,” he said.


The Dane County Courthouse was briefly on lockdown Monday after a woman inside the building received a cell phone threat, a Dane County Sheriff’s Office statement said.

A courthouse employee called the Dane County Communications Center and informed them that there was a man holding a gun to a woman’s head, the statement said.

An alarm inside the building was activated and the Dane County Bailiffs responded to the alarm. The outside doors were locked and the entire building was placed on lockdown.

Further investigation revealed the woman’s husband had sent her a text message with a photo of himself holding a gun to his own head, the statement said. He was in his home, not inside the courthouse.

Madison police immediately went to the suspect’s home and arrested him.


A 57-year old Madison man was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening knife wounds Thursday, an MPD report said.

The man was sustained the injuries while visiting the apartment of a 23-year-old woman, who was an acquaintance of the man, according to the report. The victim claimed her attack came out of nowhere, but the suspect said she acted in self-defense.

According to the report, the man sustained two puncture wounds to his torso and several cuts on his face.

CATALPA CIRCLE-Heroin Overdose

Madison police responded Friday after a Madison man collapsed while behind the wheel in a parking lot, an MPD report said.

When police arrived, the suspect’s lips were blue and his breathing had stopped, the report said. Officers and Madison Fire Department paramedics revived him and he was taken to a local hospital.

The suspect was arrested on charges of Heroin Possession, Bail Jumping, Operating While Intoxicated (his second offense) and Operating While Revoked, the report said.


Four teenage males were arrested Friday night after several callers reported a fight involving between 30 and 50 teens taking place on the street and in a parking lot, an MPD report said.

The citizens told police that some of the teenagers were armed with bats and sticks and that there was a large potential for injury.

The participants ran when police arrived, but four were arrested. Officers believe most of those involved were gang affiliated, the report said.

GETTLE AVENUE-Residential Burglary

An elderly West Side couple was approached by unwanted solicitors Saturday, who told the couple they needed their trees trimmed, an MPD report said.

The suspects’ motive became apparent when the wife discovered she was missing multiple pieces of jewelry. According to the report, the victims now believe a third person entered the home and stole the valuables while the couple was speaking with the two men.

The couple also noticed a dark SUV parked across the street from their home, which officers now believe was connected to the crime.


A clerk at the Kelly’s Market on Shopko Drive on Thursday was warned by a colleague at the store’s location on West Washington Avenue that a frequent gas drive-off thief had just been denied and was possibly headed her way, an MPD report said.

The tip proved to be correct, as a car pulled up minutes later and attempted to drive off without paying for gas. He was denied a second time.

The clerk at the West Washington Avenue store said the suspect had driven off with gas at several of the store’s locations, the report said. The clerk claimed the suspect frequently uses different license plates, including expired plates.