A Madison man claimed a man who robbed him proceeded to sit down and have lunch with him Wednesday afternoon at the Taco Bell on South Park Street, according to a Madison Police report.

The victim said a man rapped on the front window of Taco Bell while the victim was eating a five-layer burrito, according to the report, and motioned for him to come outside.

The suspect asked the victim for money for gas, and when the victim refused, he claimed he was robbed at gunpoint, the report said.

The victim went back inside to finish his lunch, and shortly thereafter, the suspect followed, bought lunch and sat down next to the man he had allegedly just robbed, the report said.

“The robber was possibly dining on the victim’s dime,” the report said.

Madison Police are still investigating the alleged robbery, said Madison Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain.

“The report is what he told us. It certainly is a highly unusual robbery report. Sometimes things that seem very strange turnout to be true,” DeSpain said.



Police are investigating a theft after approximately $9,000 of property was stolen out of two work trucks earlier this week, according to a MPD report.

Employees at the home repair business that owns the trucks said the trucks were either broken into late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, according to the report.

DeSpain said while it is not uncommon for items to be stolen out of trucks, the dollar amount of this robbery was significant. Not just tools were stolen, either. Pool cues, a GPS and a car stereo were among the objects stolen from the trucks, DeSpain said.

DeSpain said it will be good for area pawn shops to have this theft on their radar in case the thieves try to sell the property.


South Park Street & Milwaukee Street

Authorities are urging people to be cautious when responding to Craigslist ads after two people were robbed Thursday in similar but separate incidents authorities say may be related, according to an MPD report.

A 64-year-old man was allegedly robbed by knifepoint after responding to a Craigslist ad that claimed to be selling an iPad 2, the report said.

The victim and the suspect met in the Copps Food Center parking lot, and the victim led the suspect into his van to close the deal on the iPad 2 but was robbed at knifepoint, according to the report.

Later in the day, a 42-year-old Muskego man was robbed at knifepoint at the Woodman’s Food Market on Milwaukee Street after responding to a Craigslist ad that claimed to be selling an iPad 2, according to a separate MPD report.