Disorderly Conduct

A 19-year-old woman was arrested Friday on tentative charges of battery, disorderly conduct and possession of fake identification after causing a disturbance on the 500 block of University Avenue.

Madeline Feder, originally of Encino, Calif., allegedly attacked a taxi driver after the driver informed the woman of a $3 cab charge for a ride to her boyfriend’s State Street apartment. The cab driver was skeptical an apartment actually existed at the address Feder gave.

Feder allegedly began slapping and kicking the driver before exiting the cab, the report said. She then offered passing cars $500 to give her a ride and began throwing money at passing vehicles.

When officers arrived on the scene, Feder registered a .22 blood alcohol level and presented the officers with a “less than authentic” Canadian ID, Madison Police Department officer Howard Payne said in the report.


Car Theft

A 15-year-old Madison boy was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges of multiple car thefts within the past week.

A Madison woman reported her vehicle missing after parking it at Madison Memorial High School all day Tuesday, an MPD report said.

Police found the vehicle and arrested the suspect at West Towne Mall, where a witness saw him entering the mall.

The suspect said he had asked another individual to steal the keys to the vehicle.

MPD connected the incident with a similar car theft at East Towne Mall on Monday. His name was not released since he is a minor.



A 21-year-old Madison woman recently reported receiving numerous threatening phone calls in the past months from a “Justin Simpson,” an MPD report said.

The woman said “Simpson” claimed the victim owed $300 for a payday loan, but she had not taken out any loans.

The phone calls became threatening when “Simpson” claimed the victim would be arrested if she did not pay. The suspect also had personal information about the victim, including her Social Security number.

“If you are receiving phone calls from agencies you know you are not involved with, people should first check their credit reports, then alert local authorities,” Payne said.



Early Friday morning, MPD broke up a fight between about 15 individuals and dispersed about 40 onlookers in the parking lot of a Denny’s restaurant, according to another report.

Police arrested Denise Simmons, 23, and Raven Simmons, 30, both of Madison, after they began yelling obscenities from their car at occupants of another vehicle.

Simmons exited the vehicle and attempted to fight people in the street, the report said. A police search found she was carrying marijuana.

“It’s likely people were consuming alcohol before this fight,” Payne said.



A 76-year-old Madison man reported his walker had been stolen after he left it outside Village Bar for about 45 minutes Wednesday afternoon, an MPD report said.

The walker was necessary for his mobility, and he is now having trouble leaving his home, the victim told police.

The walker has four wheels and a can holder. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Madison Crime Stoppers at 608-266-4336.