A memo from University of Wisconsin Chancellor Biddy Martin to a state official alludes Martin had prior knowledge of Gov. Scott Walker’s intent to provide UW with more flexibility.

“I appreciate knowing that Governor Scott Walker wants to provide flexibility and intends to propose public authority status for UW-Madison,” said Martin in the memo, dated Jan. 7, 2011 and obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Earlier this year, UW administration, Martin included, said more details on the New Badger Partnership would be known once Walker unveiled his budget later this month.

Under the proposed structure in the memo, UW would have its own governmental body with its members selected by the governor and UW representatives. According to the memo, the board would have similar powers to the UW System Board of Regents.

The governing body would also develop its own human resources system to hire employees separate from the state system, according to the memo.

On Wednesday, members of the Board of Regents said in a letter to Walker that a potential split between UW and the rest of the system could hurt goals of system’s mission.

In response, Martin issued a statement, which neither expressly condemned nor endorsed the idea of UW splitting from the system.