With the Rose Bowl only 19 days away, the University of Wisconsin’s Athletic Director clarified UW’s ticket distribution policy at Friday’s Athletic Board meeting.

Athletic Director Barry Alvarez said UW’s policy with bowl game ticket distribution is based on percentages and has been established for the last five years.

For the 2011 Rose Bowl, UW received approximately 35,000 tickets. Athletics allotted donors and non-student season ticket holders 23,407 tickets. Alvarez said students were allowed 5,900 and 1,750 went to Chancellor Biddy Martin’s office to distribute at her discretion. He added 4,200 were split among the Athletic Department, the football team, the official party and the UW Marching Band.

He also said he was proud of how ticket distribution went.

“Any season ticket holder or any donor to the Athletic Department – if they requested tickets – have been provided a minimum of four tickets,” he said. “It’s very important to us that we were sensitive to those people that supported our program.”

The distribution location for the bowl game tickets will be in Madison, although Alvarez said moving the location to Pasadena, Calif., was discussed.

He said the Athletic Department decided to keep the ticket distribution site in Madison to avoid confusion in Pasadena.

“We didn’t know if we’d have enough people that could man the ticket window…that could manage 35,000 tickets prior to game time,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez also explained the payouts received for attending bowl games. He said the payout for the Rose Bowl will be $22 million, but UW only receives $2.2 million of that money to pay for expenses. The rest of the money goes to the Big Ten Conference, he said.

In other business, Personnel Committee representative David Zimmerman said members of his committee would be examining fall coaching evaluations at their Jan. 19 meeting.

He said the committee hopes to have an electronic system for evaluations in place by the end of the year.

The board also went into closed session to discuss personnel matters. Alvarez said the board members needed to discuss future actions, but he gave no specifics as to what those actions were.

“We just wanted to inform the Board on some things that we’re going to move forward with, things that we’re talking about,” he said.