The Whitewater Police Department busted a raging house party Thursday night and handed out 132 underage drinking tickets to the party guests.

The police also issued citations to the residents of the house for furnishing alcohol to underage persons, sale of alcohol without a license and failure to prevent underage alcohol consumption, according to a press release from the police department.

The fines for the party hosts could be in the thousands of dollars, according to a statement from city police.

According to the statement, many of the partiers were UW-Whitewater students.

“Underage drinking and unlawful house parties are issues of concern in many communities, but in a college town like ours the disproportionately large number of young people tends to magnify the problem,” according to the statement. “Alcohol abuse and underage drinking are also among the top health concerns on our nation’s campuses.”

The raid was the second largest party busted in police history, according to the statement. The Whitewater Police Department handed out more than 200 underage drinking citations in September of 2002.

UW-Whitewater Assistant Dean of Students Life Mary Beth Mackin said the students at the party could face further discipline from the university.

“The university will review the actions of all involved and will likely take disciplinary action against the party hosts, as well as any students who may have engaged in any actions that would endanger others such as fleeing from police or interfering with the safe dispersion of the crowd,” Mackin said in an e-mail to The Badger Herald.

Mackin added she had not seen the police report yet, so she was unsure if any students had fled or endangered anyone else.

The police department said house parties of this size disrupt neighborhood stability and have the potential to create serious health and safety problems

The police said they are looking to lower the number of underage drinkers, cut down on binge drinking, prevent disorderly conduct and improve the quality of life in Whitewater neighborhoods.

“Young people should recognize that there are serious consequences for hosting drinking parties and for underage drinking,” the police said in a statement. “We also want party hosts and underage drinkers to know that the police may be visiting their next party.”