Bucky shows off his signature swagger – which is featured in Zooniversity’s recent video – at a Homecoming event last week.[/media-credit]


The official Zooniversity music video by Cascia Films

After its Homecoming game debut Saturday, the music video “Teach Me How To Bucky” is growing across the Internet as it reached 100,000 views on YouTube and was featured on the University of Wisconsin’s home page Tuesday.

According to creator and Zooniversity member Quincy Kwalae, the music video was intended to add school spirit and act as a possible recruitment video forUW.

“The main purpose of the video was to be a homecoming, school spirit, pep rally pride video,” Kwalae said. “But the ulterior motive would be to give a direct traffic to our other music videos.”

Kwalae said the creators wanted to include UW figureheads and landmarks in order to show a complete picture ofUW,prompting their inclusion of Chancellor Biddy Martin and Band Director Mike Leckrone.

Martin said in an email to The Badger Herald she decided to appear in “Teach Me How To Bucky” after the creators assured her the video would be fun and appropriate.

“UW-Madison is known for its spiritedness, creativity, and humor,” Martin said. “The video displays those qualities, as well as the talent of its creators.”

Martin added she is not aware of any official plans to use the video for recruitment of potential UW students.

UW Athletic Department spokesperson Justin Doherty said potential controversies about showing the football players in the music video were not problematic in this case because Athletics was notified ahead of time.

“They used the football players in the video itself in the use that he expressed to us when he first contacted us, which was his goal of a school spirit type of thing,” Doherty said.

Doherty added UW Athletics agreed to show a shortened version of the video during the game after the creators assured them the video’s intent was to intensify school spirit.

UW Athletics was supportive of the students’ efforts, but Doherty said the impact of the video was difficult to determine.

“People are forwarding it in a variety of manners,” Doherty said. “So that tells me it’s well received.”

Kwalae added Leckrone became involved in the video after the creators’ friends in the marching band told him about the video’s concept.

“I’m pretty sure he’s a super outgoing guy,” Kwalae said. “And he took explanation of what we were trying to do well.”

Badger Herald videographer Logan Cascia, who helped produce the video, said the response has been positive overall from UW and the Big Ten, despite competing with other universities’ gone-viral music videos.

“Some Big 10 schools are commenting… and there are a handful of people who are actually complimenting the video,” Cascia said. “So it’s cool when your enemy compliments you.”

Although Zooniversity does not intend to receive any payments as a result of the video, Kwalae said they are trying to promote their creative efforts. He added he was not shocked about the video’s success.

“I’m not really all that surprised about it,” Kwalae said. “It’s one of those songs that just writes itself, and it just needed to be done. So I knew that if we did it right and just went at it, it was going to do well.”