President Barack Obama speaks in Milwaukee a few weeks ago on education reform, and will appear on campus next week.[/media-credit]

University of Wisconsin officials confirmed Tuesday President Barack Obama will visit campus next week for a rally.

UW spokesperson John Lucas said Obama will be on campus Tuesday, Sept. 28, but no other details can be confirmed at this time.

The Democratic National Committee is organizing the rally, Lucas said, with UW acting as a middle-man.

“They’re essentially renting a space from the university,” Lucas said.

While a venue has yet to be announced, a time has been released, according to an e-mail obtained by The Badger Herald. Sent out by Organizing for America Director Mitch Stewart, the e-mail said the program will start at 4:45 p.m. with doors opening at 3:30 p.m.

The College Democrats will play a part in the event, according to Chair Evan Giesemann, but as of right now, the organization is not co-sponsoring.

Giesemann said the time and location of the event should be available by Thursday.

Stephen Duerst, chair of UW’s College Republicans said the group is planning a demonstration for the rally, but they have yet to decide exactly what it will be.

The main reason for action by the College Republicans, Duerst said, is to demonstrate to the City of Madison and Dane County in general that another viewpoint is present and people have the option of voting more conservatively.

“I think showing the students on campus as well as the state that this is a Republican year and that Republicans are excited is the number one objective,” he said.

Giesemann said he is not worried about a counter-demonstration.

“I think the crowd is going to be big enough in support of Obama that any anti-Obama demonstration will pale in comparison,” Giesemann said.

The stop is one of four planned in swing states prior to the Nov. 2 election, according to an Associated Press report.

It will be Obama’s sixth visit to Wisconsin since taking office, but his first to UW since his election, according to a statement released by UW. Harry Truman was the last sitting president to speak on campus when he appeared at the UW Field House on May, 14, 1950.

In addition to the rally, Senator Russ Feingold will receive additional support from the First Family through campaigning by Michelle Obama in support of Feingold, the AP reported. However, Feingold is not expected to attend the rally in Madison.