Two women were on the receiving end of a Taser after an altercation broke out just outside Memorial Union Friday night.

UW police spokesperson Sgt. Aaron Chapin told The Badger Herald police deployed the Taser in response to a fight directly outside the Union following an Alpha Phi Alpha social event late that night.

Chapin added the two subjects were cited for UW Code Assaultive behavior.

Additionally, UW spokesperson John Lucas said the Division of Student Life is currently gathering information about the incident from both the University of Wisconsin Police Department and Union officials.

“If an organization is found to be in violation of breaching the Student Organization and/or University Code of Conduct, sanctions are possible for both the organization as a whole and/or individual members,” Lucas said.

Alpha Phi Alpha president Conei Coleman said the nature of the altercation led police to use the Taser, but his knowledge of the incident is limited to what fraternity members told him, as he did not witness it firsthand.

Coleman said members of the fraternity who witnessed the incident believed UWPD officers present could have handled the situation in a different manner. He added he had been told the acting officer could have broken up the incident without the Taser.

Coleman could not connect the women to the Alpha Phi Alpha social but said it was a possibility.

UW senior Ald. Bryon Eagon, District 8, said though he is not familiar with the details of the incident he cannot recall an incident throughout his tenure in which police deployed a Taser on campus.

“Hopefully this was an isolated incident and hopefully once the details emerge it is shown that the police had no other option and this was a last resort,” Eagon said. “Hopefully when details emerge this can be dealt with from the university and police perspective.”

Chapin said UWPD will not release the names of the two women involved in the incident until after they have gone to court. At this point, it is unclear if they were UW students, attendees of the Alpha Phi Alpha party or simply visitors to the Union.