A Kansas City area community college student inadvertently stabbed a dean in the neck, sending him to the hospital, in an attack apparently targeted at the governor of Missouri.

The Associated Press reported Casey Brezik, a Penn Valley Metropolitan Community College student, did not previously know Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon or have any specific problems with him, but just wanted to attack a high-ranking government official.

After being arrested, Brezik told police he believed he succeeded in stabbing the governor and appeared upset after finding out he attacked the wrong man, the AP report said.

Gov. Nixon was scheduled to hold a press conference on campus Tuesday morning, but he had not arrived at the time of the attack, Mary Taylor, Penn Valley Metropolitan Community College spokesperson, said.

Brezik stabbed Dean of Instruction Albert Dimmitt at 9:30 a.m., according to a statement from the college.

After stabbing Dimmitt, Brezik also stabbed a witness in the chest when he attempted to help the dean, according to a report from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office.

The witness then disarmed Brezik, wrestled him to the ground and held him until the police arrived, the report said.

Dimmitt was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery Tuesday morning.

Taylor said Dimmitt’s condition has been improving, adding she was unsure if he was still in the hospital at the time of the interview.

“He is in good condition now and is expected to make a full recovery,” Taylor said.

Brezik had been a student at Penn Valley for three weeks prior to the assault, Taylor said.

Taylor said classes continued as scheduled on Tuesday except for the immediate area of the attack where police were still compiling evidence.

She added since the suspect was arrested immediately Penn Valley felt public safety issues no longer remained.

Counseling services have been set up for students at the college, the statement from Penn Valley said.

UW spokesperson John Lucas said he was not aware of any attacks or crimes committed against senior administrators at the University of Wisconsin.