Coaches at the University of Wisconsin can now earn more money for their postseason accomplishments after the Athletic Board approved a recommendation to change the bonus policy Friday.

The major change to the policy revolves around college football’s bowl season, which makes it difficult to reward coaches because there are not playoffs in the postseason like other sports, John Jentz, a UW spokesperson, said.

Previously, coaches of the fourth and fifth finishers in the Big Ten who make it to bowl games received a 5 percent bonus for their appearance in the game.

The increase from 5 to 10 percent occurred for two reasons, Jentz said. First was the disappearance of a clear distinction between the second and third finishers and the fourth and fifth.

Jentz said the day the teams played in the bowl games marked the difference between the two groups. Teams in the second and third spots played bowl games on New Year’s Day, while the fourth and fifth teams did not.

Because of a change in the Big Ten bowl structure, the committee felt an increase for coaches in the four and five spots was necessary, Jentz said.

In the future, Jentz said, one of the teams finishing fourth and fifth in the Big Ten will play on New Year’s Day. The two spots will alternate years to play on the first of January.

The second reason for the change is the payout received by the Big Ten, which Jentz said is “virtually the same” for teams finishing second through fifth.

“We thought it made the most sense since those are very light bowls to group those together and go from there,” Jentz said.

According to the newly approved bonus schedule, UW football coaches will receive a 10 percent bonus if UW appears in the Capital One, Outback, Gator or Insight bowls. For a BCS Bowl Game, such as the Rose and Fiesta bowls, coaches receive a 15 percent bonus.

Should UW make it to the BCS Championship game, coaches will receive a 25 percent bonus, and if they win the BCS Championship a 30 percent bonus awaits them.

In closed session the Athletic Board approved contract extensions for UW head coaches Barry Davis, Bo Ryan, Lisa Stone, Mike Eaves and Eric Hansen, Justin Doherty, a UW Athletics spokesperson said.

Both men’s and women’s basketball coaches Ryan and Stone received extensions through May 2015, while men’s hockey coach Eaves’ extension runs through June 2015.

The men’s and women’s swimming and diving coach Hansen’s contract was extended through June 2013 and wrestling coach Davis’ extension goes through April 2013.

Athletic Director Barry Alvarez said Stone proved herself, by helping UW qualify for the NCAA tournament and winning Big Ten coach of the year.

The board also formed a committee to decide how to best flush out recommendations made by a Faculty Senate ad hoc committee, which recently released a mostly positive review of the board’s functions.