A Madison gun store was robbed of 34 weapons Saturday afternoon, after thieves tied the owner to a chair.

A Madison Police Department incident report said two men allegedly forced their way into the back door of Grampa’s Gun Shop, 1374 Williamson St., and tied up the 70-year-old owner. One man restrained the owner while the other filled a bag with firearms. After the suspects left, the victim was able to free himself and call 911.

In all, the robbers allegedly took 30 handguns, three rifles and one shotgun.

“It is very concerning to us when we have this many guns in the hands of criminals,” MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said. “There are already a number of guns on our streets. Now there are more.”

Officials believe the robbery was not just a crime of opportunity and are extensively investigating the incident. DeSpain noted with a crime involving this many firearms, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives may get involved.

Both suspects were described as black males between 23 and 29 years old. One was between 5’9″ and 5’11” and the other 5’11” and 6′.

The owner of the gun shop told the police he believes there were two other individuals outside, another male and possibly a female, with a getaway vehicle.

“This was a very brazen robbery on Willy Street in the middle of a Saturday afternoon,” DeSpain said. “We are hoping someone saw something. We are asking the citizens in the area if they noticed any suspicious people or perhaps a vehicle speeding away.”

Man shot at after altercation

In a separate, unrelated incident, a man was shot at after a dispute on the 100 block of Bedford Street.

A man was driving his vehicle down Bedford Street when he came upon a man standing in the street. The victim stopped his car and got out, the report said. After a verbal confrontation, the suspect allegedly fired a shot at the victim, who ran away.

As the suspect fired another shot at the victim, a passenger in the victim’s car drove off and parked several blocks away. The suspect then entered a green car with another male and left the scene.

A witness told police they saw the men arguing by a vehicle on the side of the road. They then heard gunshots and saw a white male firing in the direction of a black male running away.

The two suspects are both described as white males. One has curly hair, the other is described as bald, thin and wearing a black leather jacket.

When the police caught up with the suspect, he denied being shot at. The officer asked him why he was shaking so much and the suspect responded, “they shot at me,” Despain said.

DeSpain noted this does not appear to be a random shooting and as far as he could tell no one was injured.

There have been no arrests made yet in either the gun store robbery or the shooting. Both crimes are currently under investigation.