A man was arrested for second-degree attempted homicide, among a host of other burglary and drug-related crimes, after allegedly breaking into a West Gilman Street apartment and stabbing a resident early Wednesday morning.

A police report said after first breaking into the wrong apartment, 22-year-old suspect Reinaldo Garcia broke into a second apartment while wielding a knife. As he entered the doorway, Garcia allegedly made five or six stabbing motions and shouted threats indicating he intended to kill the victim, Madison Police Department spokesperson Joel DeSpain said.

Garcia then stabbed the leg of the victim — a 47 year-old Madison male — at which point the two men began wrestling, eventually ending up in an alley behind the apartment building, the report said.

Garcia fled when the police arrived. The responding officer chased Garcia, employing an electronic control devise to catch the suspect, who was then taken into custody, the report said.

Both men sustained injuries as a result of the fight and were taken to the hospital.

In addition to second-degree attempted homicide, Garcia was arrested on various other tentative charges, including armed burglary and possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

According to DeSpain, at the time of the arrest, Garcia was in possession of three bags of marijuana, a bag of mushrooms, ten packs of an amphetamine drug, drug packaging materials, a drug scale, a magnifying glass and some money.

“It was the arresting officer’s opinion that what he had on his person was not for personal use but that these drug he had on his person were for distribution to others because of the quantity and the scale,” DeSpain said.

However, DeSpain added, there is no indication that the stabbing itself was linked to the drugs.

Initial reports from both the victim and suspect, though not entirely consistent, indicate the altercation was part of a larger ongoing dispute between Garcia’s father and the victim, DeSpain said.

In his statement, the victim suggested the disagreement between Garcia’s father and the victim himself as a possible motivation for the attack.

DeSpain said investigators are still working to reconcile the two accounts and gather more information.