Single-game football tickets will cost $3 more beginning this fall after the University of Wisconsin Athletic Board approved its 2010-11 budget.

The board unanimously approved the increase, which will raise the price of season tickets by $21 total.

Athletic Board faculty representative and professor of education Adam Gamoran said he thought the price increase is the right step to take at this time.

He said he based his decision to support the change on whether the UW athletic department is doing its best to provide an attractive product for students and fans and find other ways to raise money and keep costs low. He said he thinks the department is doing all those things.

“Along that line, a relatively modest ticket increase seems very reasonable,” Gamoran said.

Associate Athletic Director for Business Operations John Jentz said the department has been asked to make a 5 percent cut across the board and the ticket price increase will go a long way in helping the department stay financially viable.

Athletic Board Chair and UW Law School Associate Dean Walter Dickey stressed the importance of UW athletics to the community.

“I think [UW athletics connect] people to the university and the state,” Dickey said. “You hope that that can be affordable to families.”

He said he thinks fans will continue to be loyal to the Badgers after the increase.

Dickey added the UW athletic department is doing a good job being fiscally responsible in a tough economy and reminded board members the price increase is only one of many things the department is doing to save money.

“I think it’s really a testament to the really superior management of the department,” Dickey said.

Associated Students of Madison Representative Logan Hulick mentioned the UW athletic department does not take money from UW, adding the department is one of only 10 or so in the nation that doesn’t financially rely on its university.

Many board members praised Athletic Director Barry Alvarez on a letter he sent to UW season ticket holders thanking them for their support over the years. The board agreed the letter was a very smart “marketing plan” for the ticket increase.

The board also discussed the Hockey Classic, UW’s first attempt at an outdoor hockey game at Camp Randall Stadium. Alvarez said he was very happy with the outcome of the weekend.

“We really wanted it to be an event, and it turned out being a week-long celebration of hockey,” he said.

Alvarez informed the committee that with more than 55,000 people in attendance, it was the fourth largest outdoor hockey game in history, adding over 3,000 fans took their photos with the Stanley Cup, which was on display for Classic ticket holders, over the weekend.

“It was a spectacular day and on top of that, both teams win,” he said.