Associated Students of Madison’s Coordinating Council decided Wednesday night to have all ASM intern projects passed through Student Council and addressed the nature of the Committee of Recruitment Endeavors.

For the fall semester, ASM has eight interns who work with the different committees on projects assigned at the beginning of the semester. The Coordinating Council discussed how the projects the interns will be working on for the spring semester should be approved.

ASM Secretary Kurt Gosselin said each project proposed by an intern or committee should be voted on through Student Council. He said because the interns are working with budgetary funds approved by Student Council, it stands to reason the projects the money is used for should be approved by the council as well.

Jonah Zinn, chair of the Academic Affairs committee, disagreed with the notion that Student Council should approve projects the interns create or choose to undertake for the semester.

“I can’t stress this enough that this is set up wrong. By having a vote on this, you’re contrasting what students want to do on the grassroots committees,” Zinn said.

Matt Beemsterboer, chair of the Finance Committee, said interns who have their projects denied have other avenues through which they can launch their projects other than through ASM.

Through a verbal vote, it was decided the projects interns undertake through ASM need to be verified by Student Council. Zinn was the only opposition to the vote.

A policy under formation, CORE, sponsored by ASM Chair Tyler Junger, aims to introduce ASM to students on campus. Initially, campaigns and recruiting were delegated among the staff of ASM, but the council looked to make some changes by creating this policy.

There is currently no chair for CORE for the spring semester of this year.

The committee agreed the best candidate for chair would be someone who could delegate responsibility away from some of the high ASM positions and who knew about the many facets of ASM.

No one in ASM has expressed interest in being co-chair and there was deliberation as to what sort of campaigns could be launched to appeal to students on campus to join.