A man was arrested early Wednesday morning after entering eight unlocked rooms of female residents in Witte Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.

According to UW Police Sgt. John Lind, Simuong Inthavong, 27, of Monona, was taken into custody after police were called to the scene at 3:46 a.m.

University Housing Director Paul Evans said Inthavong gained access to the rooms after two separate residents let him into different parts of the building.

“We have him on videotape as being let in by a resident,” Evans said. “He was then led into a stairwell by a resident.”

Inthavong then allegedly entered the eight rooms, waking at least one resident. Evans said a student reported Inthavong’s presence to a house fellow, who then notified UWPD.

According to Lind, Inthavong has been tentatively charged with eight counts of disorderly conduct and five counts of criminal trespass to a dwelling. UWPD does not believe there is a continued threat to campus as Inthavong is currently in jail.

“Keep your doors locked, especially when sleeping,” Lind said. “Be wary of people who don’t belong in the area. Report any crime or suspicious activity at once. If you feel uncomfortable confronting an individual … alert your house fellow or police at once.”

Evans said University Housing residents were notified soon after the incident and increased safety initiatives are being put into place, adding the university is working on following up with those directly involved in the illegal entrance to make sure the female residents know there are resources available to them.

“You want to provide them people to talk to and support and let them know we’re concerned, and if we can help in any way we want to,” Evans said.

He said he believes students allowing entry to people who do not live in residence halls is more common than the university would like to think.

“It’s been really pretty good this year in housing, but it has happened before where somebody will let somebody in who doesn’t belong,” Evans said.