WSUM Madison Student Radio proposed a $306,800 budget to the Associated Students of Madison’s Student Services Finance Committee Monday night.

According to WSUM General Manager Dave Black, the 2009-10 proposed budget is $12,296 less than the 2008-09 budget passed by SSFC.

“We don’t have to pay rent for space anymore, which is the nice thing,” Black said.

While rent was removed from the budget, WSUM added several line items to this year’s budget that were not included in years prior, including a studio transmitter link and increased staff salaries.

According to Black, the construction of University Square interfered with WSUM’s broadcasting.

“We think it’s prudent to go to a more dedicated broadband link between [University Square] and our radio tower,” Black said. “It will make sure there’s a clean and clear stereo sound going on at all times.”

Black also called for a reclassification of his job that would require an increase in salary.

According to SSFC Chair Kurt Gosselin, reclassification occurs due to significant change in occupational duties or when an employee reaches the highest end of their paygrade.

Gosselin added the Academic Personnel Office would have to make the final decision to reclassify Black’s position. If passed, SSFC would then be responsible for budgeting the proposed amount.

WSUM also proposed adding the cost of travel and food to the budget for educational trips taken by students to various radio conventions throughout the year, including a College Radio and College TV convention hosted by College Broadcasters, Inc. in Austin, Texas.

SSFC member Daren Knox said he thought WSUM constructed a thoughtful budget for today’s economic climate.

“I think it’s been pretty reasonable and a pretty fiscally responsible budget,” Knox said. “There are a few things that may get taken out, like food for the conventions, but we’ll need to talk about it.”

Black said he’s nervous about the proposed budget but trusts SSFC will make what he thinks is the right decision.

“This committee does a good job at taking a toothcomb to the details and being consistent with the budget it gets,” he added. “I haven’t really seen the mood of this committee as far as travel costs, but they’ll tell us that by what they choose to cut.”

Black added WSUM will be happy with whatever parts of the budget SSFC decides to pass.

“They have the big picture and we don’t,” Black said. “I’m sure they’ll make some cuts — I can tell by their questions, but I don’t think anyone thinks this isn’t worth investing in.”

The final budget will be voted on at SSFC’s next meeting Thursday.

SSFC also passed a budget alteration proposed by the Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group to reallocate money across staff positions.