For the first time since allegations of hazing came out last week, the University of Wisconsin Band practiced Tuesday for Saturday’s football game, with the knowledge they may not perform.

The band continued as usual, practicing “Jesus Christ Superstar” for halftime and the Penn State fight song in the rain.

Band Director Mike Leckrone said no decision has been made about whether the band will perform Saturday or not.

“We will continue to practice every day this week; if we’re going to do it we’re going to do it right,” Leckrone said. “We’re still waiting for a decision that could happen anytime.”

Dean of Students Lori Berquam said her staff has conducted interviews but had no estimation on when any further information on the allegations would be made available.

“I think what we want to do is make sure that all of our questions about the safety of our students have been addressed,” Berquam said. “Once we are confident that that’s been taken care of, I think things can move forward.”

The band did not perform in last Saturday’s game against Ohio State.

Music was played before the game and during media timeouts, and the CBS station in Madison provided a wrap of the day’s Big Ten football games.

Senior Associate Athletic Director Vince Sweeney said the athletic department is “anxiously waiting” to hear if the band will play before decisions are made as to Saturday’s game.

“We’re waiting on word if whether the band will be there or not, and once we hear that, we’ll see what happens after that,” Sweeney said.

The investigation is being led by Associate Dean of Students Kevin Helmkamp, who was not available for comment Tuesday.

Chancellor Biddy Martin has still yet to release a formal statement about the allegations, a difference from the chancellor’s involvement during the 2006 hazing allegations, when then-Chancellor John Wiley was one of the band’s harshest critics.

Berquam did not comment on Martin’s involvement in the investigation.

–Pedro Oliveira Jr. contributed to this report.