The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Services Finance Committee approved funding eligibility for the Working Class Student Union, the F.H. King Students of Sustainable Agriculture and Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group during their meeting Thursday.

To receive funding, student organizations must prove they provide equal services to all University of Wisconsin students.

The Working Class Student Union is a new organization working to educate lower-class, first-year students about financial aid options, according to WCSU member Chynna Haas.

WCSU was approved for the 2009-10 fiscal year by a 4-0-0 vote.

“Though the group targets the first-year students, it’s open to all students,” Haas said. “Money concerns all students at some point during their collegiate career.”

F.H. King Students of Sustainable Agriculture is a student organization that works to improve knowledge and policies regarding sustainable agriculture, according to the mission statement.

“I did not see any issues with the accountability requirements and no violation of policies,” Secretary Carl Fergus said. “They’ve dealt very well with their budget.”

The committee discussed both accountability and general requirements before approving the group’s eligibility in a 4-0-0 vote.

SSFC also reevaluated the previously approved eligibility for WISPIRG.

According to WISPIRG Chair Tony Uhl, SSFC approved the organization for funding, then withdrew the approval and requested reevaluation of eligibility.

SSFC Chair Kurt Gosselin said the committee reopened the case for WISPIRG’s eligibility because two committee members were concerned WISPIRG was not meeting educational eligibility requirements.

“To advocate an issue, you have to be knowledgeable about that issue,” Uhl said. “Whether it’s student to student, or leader to student, or when we’re out tabling, we’re educating every single student we talk to.”

Funding eligibility for WISPIRG was reapproved.

The committee also had an eligibility hearing for Wisconsin Student Lobby, a new student organization vying for funding.

According to Wisconsin Student Lobby member Jeff Wright, who is also an ASM Student Council representative, the organization will directly aid students by providing tools and resources to students, allowing them to engage in issue-based advocacy, including lobbying.

SSFC will decide eligibility for Wisconsin Student Lobby and CALS Student Council, and will swear in three new members Sept. 29.