JAKE NAUGHTON/Herald photo

Attendees of the University of Wisconsin?s Search and Screen
Committee?s open forum Tuesday said they want the next chancellor to take the
university to the next level.

?We held the forum to reach out to the campus community and
get a variety of perspectives,? Search and Screen Committee Chair Marsha
Mailick Seltzer said. ?Today was very successful; we heard very diverse

The committee hopes to have a new chancellor approved at the
Board of Regents meeting by June 6 of this year. The new chancellor will
replace John Wiley, who is stepping down in September.

Those in attendance were invited to express to the committee
the qualities they would like UW?s new chancellor to possess. Nearly a third of
the 25-member audience got up and spoke.

Among those speaking was Mark Bugher, the director of
University Research Park. Bugher served on the committees that helped appoint
both Chancellor Wiley and UW System President Kevin Reilly.”””??

?The [new] chancellor needs to be a lightening rod for
policy advocacy,? he said. ?He or she needs to be a change agent who
understands the changing role of secondary education in society.?

Rick Marolt, lecturer at the UW School of Business,
expressed concern over the future of the Harlow Center for Biological
Psychology and how a new chancellor will react to claims of unethical treatment
of primates. His concerns were in response to Wiley?s avoidance of the issue of
ethical treatment of animals.

?How many people are asking how ethical the research is??
Marolt asked. ?The new chancellor needs to believe in public accountability.?

Adrienne Pagac, a second-year graduate student in sociology,
was one of three graduate students who spoke to the committee. She said she
wants to make sure the new chancellor would understand the need for graduate
research projects funding.

?We need to elect an individual who is
very much concerned with how graduate students fit into research on campus,?
Pagac said. ?We need someone committed to funding research.?

The Search and Screen Committee is made up of 23 members.
Twelve of the members are faculty, and the rest include a collection of
community members, a dean, staff members and two students. Reilly personally
appointed some members.

The committee will accept nominations for a new chancellor
until March 28. The committee has set up a page at to provide more information to prospective candidates
and to keep the public informed about developments.

The final public forum will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday,
March 6 at Union South.