U.S. Sen. Barack Obama?s presidential campaign has found a new
home in Madison.

Later this week, Obama?s staff will settle in a rented
office space in Laundry 101 Laundromat at 437 W. Gilman St., the second
headquarters for the Illinois senator?s campaign in Wisconsin.

The office was used four years ago by then-U.S. Sen. John
Edwards? campaign and U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, according to Ald.
Zach Brandon, District 7, who owns Laundry 101. U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold,
D-Wisconsin, has also used the Laundromat for events, though he did not rent
the office.

Obama spokesperson Ben LaBolt said the headquarters should
open late this week, and preparations for a Madison-based campaign have already

?We currently have staffers on the ground in Wisconsin, and
we?ve begun to organize a statewide field organization that is headed by
neighbors talking about why Barack Obama is the best presidential candidate,? LaBolt

As the only Democratic candidate to have visited UW, LaBolt
added Obama has ?a stronger base of support and the largest chapter of all the

?We believe that in a race this close organization matters,
and the most persuasive form of communication is neighbors talking to neighbors
about Barack Obama,? he said.

Though nothing has been confirmed, Brandon is hopeful Obama may
visit campus once more before Wisconsin?s primary Feb. 19.

?I?d be shocked to not see Barack Obama,? Brandon said. ?I
can?t make promises, but if you?re at the Obama office, you never know who
might show up.?

Along with Brandon, Obama has also been endorsed by Democratic
Gov. Jim Doyle and Ald. Eli Judge, District 8.

Brandon will cover the cost of rent as a donation for
Obama?s campaign, and the office will be used to distribute information on the
Illinois senator through stickers, flyers and word of mouth.

?I?m a supporter of Barack Obama, but this is more about
making sure people have access to the campaigns close to campus,? he said.

Obama?s is the only presidential campaign to have offices in
Wisconsin, as the campaign recently opened an office in Milwaukee as well,
Brandon said.