University of Wisconsin police were in for a surprise at the Sept. 1 football game, when two officers discovered a couple having sex in a women's bathroom stall at Camp Randall Stadium, according to UWPD Lt. Bill Larson. The woman, from Madison, and the man, from Stitzer, Wis., both in their early 20s, were immediately ticketed for lewd and lascivious conduct, evicted from the stadium, and forced to appear in court for the first time Monday, Larson said. "I can't recall another case in the time I've been with the district attorney's office for someone arrested for having sex at a sporting event," said Assistant District Attorney Mike Verveer, who prosecuted the couple at the court appearance. According to Verveer, both individuals were intoxicated at the football game. Verveer said the district attorney's office has decided to reduce their charges to disorderly conduct, and they both entered not guilty pleas in court on Monday. "They're both misdemeanors, so it's not a huge difference," Verveer said. According to Larson, it was a fan who first noticed the couple having sex. "They were contacted by a patron who came up to them and said, 'Can you do something about the two people having sex in the women's restroom stall?'" Larson said. The officers then went to check out the incident in the upper deck restroom by section JJ. Larson said although the UWPD has never had a problem like this before at Camp Randall, officers have responded to similar situations at other UW buildings. "It's happened several times at the Kohl Center during a concert," Larson said. In court Monday morning, Verveer said the couple was granted signature bonds with the conditions that they are banned from Camp Randall Stadium and cannot consume alcohol while the case is pending. "The case will probably take a few months for it to wind its way through court," Verveer said. He added the couple could face up to 90 days in jail and fine of $1,000. Both will return to court in the next month or two for a pretrial conference with the district attorney.