Jesse A. Miller

UWPD assistant chief Dale Burke issued a briefing for media around 6:30 p.m. for updates about the search for Jesse A. Miller, 19, an escapee from an area work release program after he went missing September 8. The UWPD is urging students to avoid the campus area. Students already on campus are being told to stay indoors. Memorial Union was on lock-down as of about 8:30, and other lock-downs have occurred at the Natatorium and UW Hospital. Burke confirmed they had three communications regarding Miller, including the first call from the Dane County Crisis center at 4:40 in the afternoon. “We were informed this young man was suicidal, that he possessed a weapon and he wanted to be killed by a police officer,” Burke said. Burke said police then began to go building by building and ramp by ramp looking for the suspect before locking down areas. Classes were closed west of the Veterinary Medicine building and the men’s soccer match was canceled at the McClimon Sports Center. Burke also confirmed reports that a call was made to 911 centers claiming to hear shots fired and see people fleeing the scene near University and Highland Avenue. UWPD suspects Miller made the call himself. A third phone call to emergency officials was also allegedly made by Miller with a bomb threat to the UW Hospital. Burke said Miller has no affiliation with UW and was previously charged with armed robbery, and also had contact with the UWPD with a similar threat of suicide in an unrelated incident. Although the entrances to UW Hospital where shut down during the search, at around 6:45 Jeff Lenzen of University Health announced the hospital had been cleared and they were back to “business as usual.” Since no one has seen Miller in person, Burke said he could be in any location. “We don’t know if he was ever at the hospital when he placed the call. … He could have been placing those calls from outside of Madison for all we know.” The university confirmed they will pay for all Union Cab, Badger Cab and Madison Cab fares for students who wish to take one home this evening. Union Cab: (608) 242-2000 Badger Cab: (608) 256-5566 Madison Cab: (608) 257-8294