After disrupting English Department offices in Helen C. White Wednesday morning in what was described as a fit of rage, a University of Wisconsin student was arrested by campus police for disorderly conduct.

According to a UW faculty member, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the incident occurred around 9 a.m. yesterday morning when the "enraged" student stormed into the English Department offices.

"I'm not sure the student was in his right mind," the faculty member said. "It's not exactly clear what he was raging against, since he wasn't coherent a good deal of the time."

University of Wisconsin Police Department Lt. Eric Holen verified that the arrest was made and that the subject was taken to Dane County Jail. However, Holen added he could not yet confirm that the arrested male was a UW student.

Although department members were "scared," the UW faculty member said no one was hurt during the incident and added the department was able to return to its daily routine.

"The people involved were a little shaken up," the faculty member said. "But no one was hurt."

An e-mail discussing the incident was sent out to the entire department, the faculty member added, and it was also addressed at a department meeting later in the day.

As for what triggered the student's rage, the faculty member said it was difficult to say.

"I think he has a complaint about somebody in the department," the faculty member said. "As best I can tell, he was raging against what he sees as an injustice."