Charter Communications said vandalism was the cause of a cable outage that affected 100,000 customers in the Madison area Sunday night. As of press time, 50,000 customers had their cable and Internet services restored, according to Jessie Guzman, supervisor for Charter Communications, and Charter technicians were working to restore all services by Monday morning. Guzman said the outage began after Charter cable lines in Fitchburg were cut by apparent vandals. "The reason there's an outage in [the Madison] area is because vandalism happened," Guzman said. "Someone cut the fibers in [the Madison] area." As of press time, neither the Fitchburg Police Department nor the Madison Police Department received any reports of the alleged case of vandalism. However, according to Guzman, the outage began at approximately 6 p.m., when the cable lines were allegedly cut and, at its peak, affected thousands of Madison-area customers. Guzman added that there was "no reason to worry," because all Charter cable and Internet services were expected to be restored by 1:30 a.m. Monday. "We're hoping this issue will be resolved as soon as possible," Guzman said. Though Charter Communications supplies Internet and cable television to the University of Wisconsin public dormitories, numerous residents said the outage did not affect them. According to its website, Charter, a broadband communications company, serves 232,000 customers in southern Wisconsin and more than 5.4 million nationwide.