Less than a month after declaring its intention to unseat the Associated Students of Madison as the University of Wisconsin's representative student body, Student Government announced it would disband Friday.

The organization was created in the wake of the ASM spring election debacle that witnessed two postponements of the Student Council election and the cancellation of the referendum results.

Criticizing ASM throughout the election fiasco, Student Government members stated at the time of the organization's formation their mission to "move away from the system of corruption" they claim ASM had become.

However, after experiencing reported difficulty with recruiting members and losing momentum after its initial announcement last March, Student Government members said the organization will break up.

However, despite the disbanding, Steve Schwerbel, one of the founding members of Student Government, said he and other members were "successful" in helping enact reform within ASM.

"We put ASM on a path that it is going to change," Schwerbel said. "ASM not only considered having a committee for change, it did initiate some reform themselves."

However, Eric Varney, chair of ASM, refuted Schwerbel's sentiment, saying the "reform" ASM Student Council passed was not connected to Student Government's efforts.

"It had nothing to do with what they were pushing for," Varney said. "It's given some people some different ideas and encouragement to change a few things, but I don't think it's any different from what we already knew."

The most significant reform ASM has passed since the election has been changes to the Student Services Finance Committee bylaws regarding segregated-fee funding.

However, Varney added he thought the formation of Student Government was simply a "hoax for them to get their pictures in the newspaper."