More than two weeks after the Associated Students of Madison closed the polls to the 2004 fall elections, results to both races were certified in a short Student Judiciary meeting Monday night.

Winners of the open freshman Student Council seats are Jon Kuether and Andrew Gordon.

Election winners Brad Vogel and Jennie Johnson will fill the open seats for the Student Services Finance Committee.

Finalization for each of the election’s results was delayed following several cases brought against varying parties.

Results for the freshman class Student Council seats were preliminarily certified Oct. 25 after cases were withdrawn.

The case delaying the SSFC race, however, was argued and decided by the Judiciary. The Judiciary dismissed the case Oct. 19, but the decision was stayed for two weeks to give the plaintiff, former Student Council Chair Austin Evans, a chance to file an appeal, according to the ruling.

Evans filed an appeal the night of Oct. 25, further slowing the process.

Members of the Student Judiciary decided Saturday morning to dismiss Evans’ appeal. The court’s decision stated Evans’ petition for appeal did not show that the original decision misapplied the law.

Evans filed a suit following the election claiming the chair of the Student Election Committee, Shelton Roulhac, improperly conducted the election. The suit stopped the SEC from releasing any results until a final ruling was decided.

In the days following the suit and petition for appeal, Vogel actively voiced his aggravation with Roulhac, the lengthy process and slow decision making.

“I think there were opportunities here so the process would have gone more quickly or efficiently,” Vogel said in a phone interview Monday night. “That would have been of great benefit to students, [who] deserve to have full representation.”

Roulhac, who disagreed with Vogel, said the time taken for certification of the election results was not the fault of the SEC.

“I followed the orders of the courts, [which I] can’t violate,” Roulhac said. “Justice has to be thorough, fair, but not quick.”

Roulhac said the court did a good job compared to past election disputes, which have taken much longer.

“I think we did a pretty great job,” he said.

Roulhac added he thinks Vogel will make an “excellent member” of SSFC, and congratulated all winning candidates.