University of Wisconsin is often revered as one of the top college football venues in the country. However, after a visit to Camp Randall Saturday, ESPN GameDay host Chris Fowler claims UW has lost its title.

Fowler stated in a recent column, which appeared on the ESPN website Thursday, that typical student section behavior is missing some aspects of the “best college football crowd.”

Writing to UW students, he said, “You guys are great. For energy, boisterousness, originality, you get A’s … But the constant, collective F-bombs are lame and tired … [and] it’s beneath you.”

Fowler also criticized compact discs thrown by some students during the game, as well as their tardiness to the game versus Penn State Saturday.

“The students got an “F” for punctuality. The [student] section was about 20 percent full at kickoff!” Fowler wrote, adding, although seats filled to capacity quickly, it was not good enough for the undefeated Badgers’ Big Ten opener on national television.

“Be there on time! The beer bong will still be sitting there when you get back after the game,” he continued.

UW sophomore Mike Aberger said, although he is a fan of Fowler, he was shocked to hear his comments on Madison and disagreed with what he had to say.

“I’m a huge ESPN fan … it’s probably not going to stop me from watching GameDay … but I disagree with [most of] his comments,” he said.

Aberger claimed it is alright for students to show up a little late because the reason Madison is so fun on football game days are the many parties beforehand.

“The atmosphere before the game makes it really special,” he said. “Everyone’s there by the end of the first quarter, anyway.”

Aberger said he did not agree with students throwing objects during the game, but people have to expect it at a college.

Though criticizing some aspects of fan behavior, Fowler reiterated several times UW was a great place to see a sporting event.

“I can’t wait to get back to Madison for another game … It’s one of our favorite GameDay spots,” he said. “But for the moment, it’s not home to the best football crowd.”

UW athletics declined to comment on Fowler’s column, though UW Chancellor John Wiley has also been critical of student vulgarity at games.