At tonight’s City Council meeting, the key issue the committee will discuss is the multi-year, multimillion-dollar State Street reconstruction plan, which could result in a final vote approving the specific construction plans for the first phase.

The first phase includes reconstructing the 100 block of State Street and its surrounding side streets as well as part of the 200 block. The project will put in place new sidewalks, streets, lights, bus shelters, kiosks and benches, among other things. If approved, construction will begin as soon as the weather becomes warmer, City Council President Mike Verveer said.

Another issue on the agenda concerns the use of fertilizer containing phosphorus. The council will vote on a proposal that would regulate the sale and use of these fertilizers. This proposal would apply to the city of Madison only. However, Dane County has introduced a similar proposal.

Ald. Austin King, District 8, said that when he spoke with Madison residents, many of them complained about the smell of the lake.

After research on the subject, King learned the stench had a lot to do with phosphorus draining into the lakes.

“The lakes look and smell disgusting,” Verveer said. “The ban of phosphorus will help improve the health of the lakes.”

The proposal was recommended by the city Public Health Commission, Park Commission, Economic Development Commission and Commission on the Environment.

According to Verveer, many fertilizing companies are opposing the plan to ban the fertilizers. However, many other cities, including Minneapolis, Minn., have placed a ban on phosphorus fertilizers.

Details of the recently passed Inclusionary Zoning plan, the majority of which have been worked out in advance, will also be discussed at tonight’s meeting.