Two unidentified suspects attempted an armed robbery of two University of Wisconsin students at the Lakeshore Dorms early Wednesday morning.

A male and female student reported that two men approached them outside of Adams Gate House in Tripp Circle after 1 a.m. and asked the students for money. One of the suspects threatened the students with a 1.5-foot miniature wooden baseball bat held inside his leather jacket, while the other suspect surveyed the area, according to police reports.

Sgt. Johnnie Diamante said that when the students explained they had only their student ID cards and no money or valuables, one of the suspects grabbed the male student by the neck and threatened to hurt him if he didn’t give the suspect anything of value.

The suspects finally gave up, leaving with none of the students’ possessions.

“They must have figured the students were being truthful,” Diamante said. “It was a crime of opportunity, and the longer they stayed the more danger there was.”

Police have not arrested anyone in connection with the incident.

The students said one of the suspects was a 170-pound, 6-foot-tall, black male with no facial hair, last seen wearing a black leather coat reaching his waist, dark windbreaker or sweatpants, a navy blue stocking hat and dark shoes.

The students said the second suspect is a 180-pound, 6-foot-2-inch-tall, black male with no facial hair, last seen wearing a stocking hat and clothes of the same description. He used a “rich, urban accent and did not use any slang terminology,” according to police reports.

Diamante recommended that students walk in groups at night, stay in well-lit areas, and use safe transportation such as SAFEwalk and SAFEride, which are offered by the university.

“Be aware of your surroundings, know your exits, and use the emergency phones,” Diamante said.