BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (U-WIRE) — When adult filmmakers from “Shane’s World” came to campus, they showed some students what they thought was a good time. If Indiana University has its way, those students may face repercussions for their fun.

The IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct states that IU may discipline a student for “lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct, or actions that endanger the university community or the academic process.”

The code also states that IU can discipline students for off-campus misconduct if the activity is determined to have undermined the integrity of the educational process.

After a hearing with the dean of students, possible penalties range from probation to expulsion from University Housing to suspension or expulsion from IU.

A statement released Wednesday said IU is looking into reports about the Oct. 3 incident and is asking local law enforcement to assist in the investigation.

In the statement, Chancellor Sharon Brehm said, “If such a commercial entity was on our campus filming obscene and lewd activities, the group clearly was there without the university’s knowledge or permission,” she said. “It’s very exploitative of our students and our university.”

No one from Teter is saying exactly what the level of involvement from students was.

Freshman Adam Brown said he saw the film crew and actors, which included a man in a bear suit, go into individual student rooms.

Freshman Danny Gothelf said the situation was awkward.

“Being the age that we are, we’re not going to go up to our head RA and say, ‘Hey, there are porn stars in our bathroom,'” he said.

Teter Quad residence manager Cedric Harris responded to the incident after being summoned, residents said. The floor’s resident assistant was not on the floor at the time of the filming.

One issue at question is where specifically these events took place. Harris said things that went on in an individual’s room, provided it was not disrupting others, could not be subject to repercussion.

There is suspicion that some Greek houses may have been participants as well.

Calli Cox, publicist and actress for Shane’s World, said she called ahead to some of the Greek houses on campus and made “appointments.”

Stan Sweeney, associate director of student activities for Greek affairs, said investigations are pending. Action will not be taken against fraternities until they have been found to be involved and their national headquarters have been contacted.

Brehm later said students have to respect the code of conduct.

“Students have a responsibility for their conduct,” she said. “We have a student code of ethics, and we expect students to abide by it.”

Whether or not the film crew and students violated university policy, Gothelf said it was an interesting start to his freshman year of college.

“Before this, everybody only kind of knew each other,” he said. “[This] brought Wissler 3 together.”