Construction on an outdoor dining and recreation center on State Street could begin if a decision is made at the Urban Design Commission meeting tonight.

The proposal calls for an outdoor volleyball court on State Street, which will be available for use during the summer months. In winter months, the court will return to being a parking lot, its current function.

At the last meeting Feb. 20, the commission advised BW-3 owner Greg Meyers to review the details of his plan and return to seek final approval.

“The direction we were asking for was less sterile and more festive,” said Kim Donavan, a member of the commission.

Meyers’ original plan included the use of white plastic chairs, a containment net to prevent disruption to State Street traffic, and little to no landscaping.

Meyers has now revised his proposal to include seating with broad iron chairs, a removable containment net, and additional plans for landscaping to improve the visual appeal on State Street.

“I basically addressed the issues they were concerned with,” Meyers said.

Should the proposal pass tonight, Meyers needs to seek one more approval by the City Plan Commission before the project can begin construction.

If the project is not approved, Meyers said he will not have enough time to complete the project this spring.

The Urban Design Commission meets tonight at 4:15 p.m. in room LL-110 of the Municipal Building.