Over 75 students showed up for the Associated Students of Madison annual spring kickoff meeting Tuesday.

Students attended the event to learn about the importance of their involvement in student government.

“I am very pleased with the amount of support that students have shown here tonight,” said ASM chair Jessica Miller.

ASM consists of several committees within the government, including Legislative Affairs, Shared Governance, Diversity and Campus Relations.

This semester they are focusing on five campaigns, including Campus Safety, Student Advising, Plan 2008, Tenants’ Rights, and International Students’ Rights.

“A lot of planning went into the campaigns last semester, which left us with a lot of initiative this semester,” said student council representative Emily McWilliamson.

The Diversity Committee has been campaigning to increase diversity among students and faculty.

“A lot of people were really excited to be working to fight for diversity through social as well as active measures,” said Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender liaison of color Bryan Liberona.

Each committee performed a skit to represent current campaigns and issues of importance to that committee.

Senior Christina McCabe-Wagner is chairing the Tenants’ Rights Committee. The committee is recruiting students to help prepare for their annual “Worst House in Madison” contest, where renters compete for prizes that are awarded to the tenants of the worst rental property in Madison.

“We’ve all heard about it and wanted to do something about it,” said McCabe-Wagner.

After the skits, each committee and campaign offered an individualized session to provide information to interested students.

ASM is student-organized and run on a volunteer basis.

“I wanted to find something I could get myself involved in,” freshman Kaelyn Rueckert said.

Miller said student involvement is essential to the operating procedures of ASM.

“In order for ASM to be successful in creating a better campus for the future, students need to get involved today,” Miller said. “This large turnout exceeded our goals and ensures our ability to fight for every facet of student life. Tonight’s event showed strong student support for ASM’s initiatives.”