Complaint calls for ASM vice chair’s removal

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Student Services Finance Committee member Matt Modell filed an official complaint against Associated Students of Madison Vice Chair Carl Camacho and ASM Nominations Board Chair Joseph Laskowski Monday.

Modell is calling for the removal of Camacho from his position as vice chair and the complete removal of Laskowski from the ASM student council.

The complaint alleges Laskowski violated a non-discrimination law and that both Laskowski and Camacho violated due process laws when the Nominations Board refused to appoint Modell to Student Judiciary last month.

Modell said that after reviewing the notes from the Nominations Board Student Judiciary appointment interviews, he is sure the board did not appoint him because of his political viewpoints. The Nominations Board disclosed the notes to Modell upon his request.

“There’s evidence from the documents that there was a clear bias against me,” Modell said.

In his complaint, Modell said the board did not have an adequate set of criteria for the interview process and that Camacho deliberately used his prejudice against Modell to influence the entire group’s decision.

“You are supposed to choose the four most qualified applicants, despite party affiliation,” Modell said. “I clearly have qualifications based on my experience with ASM.”

Camacho said Modell is “pouting,” and has no case.

“I am not worried,” Camacho said. “I have faith in the court system. The truth will prevail and Modell’s frivolous charges will blow away like dust.”

Both Camacho and ASM chair Jessica Miller, who also sits on the Nominations Board, said it is mere coincidence that the votes fell down the party lines. Of the seven-member committee, the two noted conservatives, Jeff Schmidt and Elizabeth Stinebaugh, voted to appoint Modell. Four of the five known liberals on the board, Miller, Camacho, Jeff Pertl and Tony Cotton, voted against Modell, with Laskowski abstaining.

Modell said although Laskowski abstained, the Nomination Board notes show he influenced the decision to reject Modell.

Laskowski said he was uncomfortable voting on the issue, but he felt Modell was not qualified.

“He perceives himself to be much more qualified for that position than he is,” Laskowski said.

Both Camacho and Miller said part of the reason they voted against Modell was his history of complaints before Student Judiciary.

“Matt Modell has brought numerous cases to Student Judiciary against various student groups,” Miller said. “Would it be possible for someone to hear cases if they’ve brought a number of cases [themselves]?”

Camacho said the Nominations Board was anything but biased in its decisions. In fact, he said, one of the four appointments the board made in September, Janalee Kraschnewski, is a member of the College Republicans.

“[The Student Judiciary has] got very different points of view politically,” Camacho said. “He’s saying it’s politically biased, but it’s not.”

However, according to Modell, Kraschnewski’s appointment may in fact show how politically biased the board was during the selection process.

“A Republican shouldn’t be put on just because they’re Republican, and they shouldn’t be left off just because they’re Republican,” Modell said. “It’s possible there were two Republicans who were qualified.”

Miller said this was merely a coincidence.

“That’s an ideal goal I wasn’t striving for that though,” she said. “We never counted them up. It didn’t enter the discussion.”

Modell said asking for the removal of Camacho from the vice chair position was very appropriate.

“For a vice chair to violate due process is a serious offense,” he said. “For him to not take it seriously is an issue.”


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