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Russ Feingold, the Democratic challenger for U.S. Senate, is the Wisconsin state senator for the 27th district. He was first elected in 1982 and was re-elected in 1986.

Feingold was born in Janesville and now lives in Middleton with his wife and two children. He received his bachelor of arts in political science and history from UW-Madison and graduated with honors. He was a Rhodes Scholar and graduated from Harvard Law School.

Although Feingold’s campaign has been characterized by humorous commercials, he says he is serious when it comes to the issues.

Feingold says every high school graduate should have the opportunity to get a college education. He supports a National Service Trust Fund which provides government loans students can pay back with community service or with money.

“To saddle students with a huge debt is the worst thing you can do,” he said. “It leads them to go into professions they may not want, it discourages them and it leads them to not continue their education.”

Feingold says the federal deficit is a major problem for the nation. His plan calls for a decrease in spending, especially in the military, and an increase in some taxes, such as a millionare’s tax. He says he is opposed to any middle-class tax increase.

“[U.S. Sen. Robert] Kasten is just saying I will raise taxes on the middle class because he is absolutely desperate to make something up so he doesn’t lose the election,” Feingold said. “I think middle-class people are far too heavily taxed.”

Feingold is against a cut in the capital gains tax.

“Cutting trillions of dollars in taxes is like giving dividends to the shareholders when a company is losing money,” he said.

Feingold says he is very concerned about the nations’ health care program and says he wants a program that will guarantee care to everyone while keeping costs low.

“The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, but many people can’t get even basic care because costs are too high and insurance coverage is limited,” he said.

Feingold says he wants to see a universal health care plan that cuts administrative waste and sets cost controls.

Feingold says he is proud of his pro-choice stance.

“I am one of the few people in the Wisconsin Legislature who not only has a perfect record on all pro-choice bills but also opposed the parent consent bill,” he said.

Feingold says he is a strong supporter of First Amendment rights.

“I oppose censorship and limitations on free expression. I am also a strong believer in separation of church and state.”

Feingold says he is also a very strong supporter of laws that protect the environment.

“I had a perfect record on the environment in the state Legislature,” he said.

Feingold says he is proud that he ran a clean campaign and says he is confident voters will see through negative campaigning.

“I’m placing my faith in the people of Wisconsin,” he said.