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Masthead Fall 2020

    1. The Badger Herald

    2. Patrick Williams Chair of the Board of Directors
    3. Harrison Freuck Editor-in-Chief
    4. Molly DeVore Managing Editor
    5. Mary Magnuson Managing Editor
    6. Shayde Erbrecht Publisher
    7. Adam Fearing Director of Advertising and Promotions
    8. Philomena Lindquist Director of Advertising and Promotions
    9. Gretchen Gerlach Director of Public Relations
    10. Abby Doeden Member of the Board of Directors
    11. Abigail Steinberg Member of the Board of Directors
    1. ArtsEtc.

    2. Veronica Kuffel ArtsEtc. Editor
    3. Jackson Walker ArtsEtc. Editor
    4. Rachael Lee ArtsEtc. Associate Editor
    5. William Lundquist ArtsEtc. Associate Editor
    6. Adrian Perez ArtsEtc. Associate Editor
    1. Banter

    2. Keagan Schlosser Banter Editor
    1. Features

    2. Nuha Dolby Print Features Editor
    3. Lauren Henning Print Features Editor
    4. Anna Walters Digital Features Editor
    5. John Spengler Digital Features Editor
    1. News

    2. Erin Gretzinger Digital News Editor
    3. Savannah Kind Digital News Editor
    4. Ben Baker Print News Editor
    5. Courtney Erdman Print News Editor
    6. Azul Kothari Campus News Associate Editor
    7. Janani Sundar Campus News Associate Editor
    8. Arushi Gupta City News Associate Editor
    9. Vanessa Reza City News Associate Editor
    10. Aashna Sheth State News Associate Editor
    11. Lila Szyryj State News Associate Editor
    1. Opinion

    2. Samiha Bhushan Opinion Editor
    1. Sports

    2. Zach Lutz Sports Editor
    3. Will Whitmore Sports Editor
    4. Charlie Dern Sports Associate Editor
    1. Copy

    2. Audrey Swanson Copy Chief
    1. Design

    2. Caitlin Geurts Layout Director
    3. Nuha Dolby Illustrative Director
    4. Channing Smith Design Director
    1. Photo

    2. Ahmad Hamid Photo Director
    1. Multimedia

    2. Katie Hardie Multimedia Creator

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