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Masthead Fall 2021

    1. The Badger Herald

    2. Philomena Lindquist Chair of the Board of Directors
    3. Erin Gretzinger Editor-in-Chief
    4. Savannah Kind Managing Editor
    5. Arushi Gupta Managing Editor
    6. Shayde Erbrecht Publisher
    7. John Spengler Director of Advertising and Promotions
    8. Keagan Schlosser Director of Public Relations
    9. Ken Wang Director of Public Relations
    10. Matt van Bastelaer Director of Public Relations
    1. ArtsEtc.

    2. Rachael Lee ArtsEtc. Editor
    3. Jackson Walker ArtsEtc. Editor
    4. Nick Woodhouse ArtsEtc. Associate Editor
    5. Aidan Holmberg ArtsEtc. Associate Editor
    1. Banter

    2. Hallie Humbert Banter Editor
    3. Lorenzo Reyes Banter Editor
    1. Features

    2. Anne Isman Print Features Editor
    3. Ben Baker Print Features Editor
    4. Janani Sundar Digital Features Editor
    1. News

    2. Audrey Thibert Digital News Editor
    3. Abriela Thiel Digital News Editor
    4. Aashna Sheth Print News Editor
    5. Lila Szyryj Print News Editor
    6. Elise Wiegele Campus News Associate Editor
    7. Sam Watson Campus News Associate Editor
    8. Sally Reed City News Associate Editor
    9. Phoenix Pham City News Associate Editor
    10. Maggie Degnan State News Associate Editor
    11. Jeffrey Deiss State News Associate Editor
    12. Scott McInerney Science News Editor
    13. Michaela Kihntopf Science News Editor
    14. Azul Kothari Science News Associate Editor
    15. Anusha Ray Dey Science News Associate Editor
    1. Opinion

    2. Will Romano Opinion Editor
    3. Hayden Kolowrat Opinion Editor
    1. Sports

    2. Charlie Dern Sports Editor
    3. Gavin Derkatch Sports Editor
    4. Sam Harrigan Sports Associate Editor
    5. Ian Patton Sports Associate Editor
    1. Copy

    2. Sam Huss Copy Chief
    3. Olivia Evans Copy Chief
    1. Design

    2. Corey Holl Graphics Director
    1. Photo

    2. Abby Cima Photo Editor
    3. Shane Fruchterman Photographer
    4. Mai Zong Photographer
    5. Yonah Davis Photographer
    1. Multimedia

    2. Katie Hardie Layout and Design Director

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