UW-Madison Campus

UW chancellor encourages community to confront strained campus climate as national tensions escalate

Rebecca Blank looks toward future of free speech, faculty retention and Foxconn

UW-Madison Campus

UW Athletes, UHS officials, look for ways to tackle mental health issues

College athletes face stressors, disorders as results of balancing athletic and student lives

UW-Madison Campus

Body hate and eating disorders, paired with pressures of campus, plague the minds of UW students

Fat-talk, social comparisons in college exacerbate insecurities — magnitude of eating disorders remains unseen

UW-Madison Campus

UW professors, officials look forward after 2015 spike in outside offers, retention efforts

Tenure, salary, other factors considered to cause surge remain in question

State of Wisconsin

Murky waters: Foxconn deal brings economic opportunity, environmental concerns

Exemptions from DNR regulations, company's history of pollution, could yield negative impacts for Wisconsin's waters

UW-Madison Campus

‘Me Too:’ UW survivors speak out about their experiences, paths to recovery

Those affected and advocates face uphill battles in fights against sexual assault

UW-Madison Campus

Night and Day: As Greek life works to serve community, counter-culture of drinking, sexual assault pervades

While acknowledging areas for improvement, sororities, fraternities seek to expand capacity for positive change

UW-Madison Campus

Memes produce real world impact at UW

Students, faculty, alumni alike note influence of internet jokes across campus

UW-Madison Campus

UW international student enrollment remains steady despite national concerns

Under current U.S. political climate, international students face additional challenges when attending UW


Music production company merger gets mixed reactions from community

With Frank Productions, Majestic Live joining forces, some speculate about the impact on local bands