Music production company merger gets mixed reactions from community

With Frank Productions, Majestic Live joining forces, some speculate about the impact on local bands

UW-Madison Campus

La orden ejecutiva para terminar DACA deja a los ‘Dreamers’ de UW viviendo en el limbo

Miles de inmigrantes indocumentados en Wisconsin ahora se encontraron con empleo inestable, oportunidades educativas

UW-Madison Campus

Executive order to end DACA leaves UW ‘dreamers’ living in limbo

Thousands of undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin now met with unstable employment, educational opportunities


War of words: Proposed legislation reignites tensions on campus over free speech

As Wisconsin Legislature considers Campus Free Speech Act, UW students disagree on scope of First Amendment

UW-Madison Campus

Despite increased cost of living and stagnant wages, UW custodians continue finding enjoyment in caring for campus

Janitors are paid between $11 and $14 an hour for work which is often unpleasant, yet some say interactions with students brings meaning and enjoyment to their work

UW-Madison Campus

H-1B visa program under federal review keeps UW faculty recruitment competitive

Recent 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order could bring changes to visas for foreign faculty

UW-Madison Campus

Despite scattered attacks abroad, UW remains confident in protective measures

University screening policies, traveler preparedness combine to minimize potential dangers overseas

UW-Madison Campus

Sustainability programs reduce food waste, help manage insecurity

Dining and Culinary Services implement strategies aimed at minimizing produce ending up in landfills


Madison music scene dives into political activism

Local groups in punk/rock, other genres participate in movements to raise concerns over current events

UW-Madison Campus

Normalization of stimulant use on campus has ethical, safety implications

Experts, students believe some take study drugs illegally to self-medicate undiagnosed ADHD