State of Wisconsin

How the Wisconsin Idea has retained foundational vitality in face of sweeping change

UW leaders, students have drawn inspiration from the Wisconsin Idea for centuries, but many believe its future is at risk

UW-Madison Campus

Stigmas surrounding STIs hinder conversations about sexual health

Diagnosed or not, students look for ways to make sex safer in hookups, relationships alike

UW-Madison Campus

Madtown runway: UW’s growing fashion scene gives students opportunities to advance design skills

Amid rigorous training, student designers also consider sustainability, diversity, political implications of art


With Paul Ryan announcing retirement, Democrats and Republicans gauge potential of ‘blue wave’

The races for governor and Ryan's district could be more competitive than past elections

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is struggling to attract out-of-state talent

Despite of perception of "brain drain," experts say state has lack of "brain gain.'

UW-Madison Campus

Despite broader push to improve campus climate, Deaf students are consistently erased, excluded, silenced

While McBurney's accommodation services are 'excellent,' UW's campus exhibits a lack of understanding of Deaf culture

City of Madison

With pressure to sign hastily, some landlords can take advantage of students’ inexperience

While renting companies report positive experiences with students, young tenants are often unaware of their rights

City of Madison

As mass shootings continue, Wisconsin, national gun control debates remain polarized

While politicians argue solutions, Madison community prepares for unthinkable

UW-Madison Campus

Women feel extra pressure to prove themselves in male-dominated majors

In many STEM classes, female student make up less than 20 percent of classroom, experience microaggressions

City of Madison

‘I can’t eat!’ UW students, organizations reckon with ending hunger at UW

New dining policy puts spotlight on food insecurity on campus