When Addison Montgomery, aka the hottie-neonatologist from “Grey’s Anatomy,” made a TV-world jump to L.A. and started her own spin off with a new practice, some Grey’s fans stuck around for the pilot episode, but not many stuck around after. The new show did it’s best to draw people in with hot actors, hot sex and crazy story lines. Usually the combo is a definite GO, but now, the second season “Private Practice,” like the little engine that could, is barely chugging along.

What could possibly push it up the hill to success? A double episode crossover event!!! What’s this? Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice mixed together? Well why not, everyone loves a special TV event, and instead of one hour of procrastinating my life away Thursday night I get two. I’m definitely in.

Thursday night comes along and I am all ready, comfy on the couch a snack in hand.

8:15pm: Alright, I mean I guess they just want to take a while to introduce the story line, that’s fine we’ve got 2 hours left.

8:30pm: Hmm, they’re really taking a while to get into it.

8:45pm: So, where’s Addison?

8:59pm: Wait they did say crossover event right? A crossover, meaning an intersection, a mixture, a little trade-sy of characters between shows?

9:00pm: Oh, no wait they must have meant the crossover would start during Private Practice, now I get it.

9:30pm: Seriously?

9:45pm: Nothing.

9:59pm: Addsion finds out her brother is sick.

10:00pm: Commercial for next weeks double crossover event continued!!!

It’s true I’ve felt hoodwinked by TV ads before, but this time I felt downright dirty. I had just watched two hours of this supposedly super awesome special episode to find out that, and really only the last 30 seconds, what I saw had to do with anything previewed in the commercials. My roommates and I cursed to ourselves in disbelief as we sat slumped on the couches until, during a silent pause someone asked, “So are we watching this next week?” and the unanimous answer of course was, “Hell Yes!”

My lengthy relationship with television has had its up and downs, sometimes it fools me with false advertisements, and sometimes I cheat and catch up on abc.com. Even though I bitch and moan, I know that I will always remain the whipped party and that’s completely fine with me. TV provides an escape from midterms, papers and exams, and a chance for me to shove my face with fattening food and go comatose for an hour, so shitty or not, I’ll take it.