When it comes to gift-giving in Madison, we’re a little restricted. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to have a car in town — or for those of us who really can’t afford the ridiculously expensive parking — it takes about 40 minutes by bus to get a place that’s only 15 minutes away. And really, that frustration is infuriating every time. Luckily, there is a closer, superior alternative: Pop Deluxe. From inside to the outside, every bit of the store drips in vivid color as if a paint set exploded. Action figures of Einstein and crazy cat ladies line the back wall, bright tote bags are up on the second floor, and the main floor boasts cooking utensils, books, jewelry and toys. And you can find any of those things at any regular store, but at Pop Deluxe, every item is an item with a twist. Every item is original in its own right, and when giving the perfect gift, why go bland? Of course, the store is great for giving yourself a gift as well, even if what you walk out with may not be the most practical thing you could have purchased on a college budget. Do you really need a set of honey-colored salt and pepper shakers shaped like bears? Or an ice cube tray of gem shapes? No, of course not. But that’s not the point of Pop Deluxe — the point is to just spread the love of adorable, random pieces of pop culture that, even if they do nothing, brighten your day upon seeing them.