So, you’ve finally gathered the courage to ask the cute blonde from poli sci for her number. (Or that Ewan McGregor look-alike in your chem class caught up with you after class). After six texts during the next few days, you’ve settled on dinner Friday night. With about 600 eating establishments on the Isthmus, the challenge is to find a unique, elegant restaurant that says, “I’d like to get to know you.” Tutto Pasta provides two restaurants within walking distance of campus where you can wine and dine your date for a romantic evening of delicious eatery.

You’ll want to get a reservation, just to make sure everything runs smoothly and show you’re responsible enough to plan ahead. Entering the Trattoria at 305 State St., diners are greeted by sharply dressed waitstaff bustling through the tight corridors of a space that creatively finds room for tables. Once you arrive to your nook of a table, you’ll be romantically close to your date for some pre-dinner conversation over a wine of your choice from the extensive list. A traditional plate of oil and balsamic vinegar with warm bread will prepare you for the pasta ahead. Show off your worldliness by ordering some Pappardelle Del Cacciatore or Scaloppine di Vitellina Al Tuo Placere in your best Italiano.

If the fantastic food doesn’t finish off your appetites, the State Street location provides a full bar with specialties from Martinis to 18-year-old Highland Scotch. Conversation should be flowing smoothly with the help of some high class alcohol on a full stomach. Tutto Pasta provides a great opportunity for the beginning of a memorable night at an affordable price with most dishes ranging from $8-14.