With its sleek logo, hip interior and low prices, Nogginz is a great place for students to get their hair cut on campus. Located on State Street, the hair stylists of Nogginz are prepared to offer students any haircut they desire — and not just the typical bob or buzz. They style, cut, color and wash, offer you tips on the best style to fit your hair, and do it all in a very friendly fashion. One great aspect about the salon is its strictly “walk-in” policy. While for most students, it’s hard to keep an appointment or know when the best time will be for a haircut a week in advance, Nogginz fits a student’s schedule perfectly. Whenever it is convenient (and within their hours of operation), student simply need to walk in, sign up and sit down. The stylists offer a quick but quality cut, always making sure the customer is happy every step of the way. You can come in knowing exactly what you want or only a vague idea and they will help you get the haircut you desire. The price is also one fitting of a college student. A normal salon would cost $25 to $45 for a regular cut. Nogginz, however, is only $19 dollars for women and $17 for men. Students across Madison agree, Nogginz is the perfect place for students to get their hair cut on campus.