My Tuesday nights have become pretty standard. After a long day of class and a few Herald meetings, I head home and try to get some of my mountains of reading done. Then, as the clock strikes 10, my annoying text message ringer sounds. It’s from Sports Editor Emeritus Tyler Mason.


After successfully convincing my roommate to tag along, we head to one of the staples of Madison drink specials — $1 beers and free bacon at Wando’s on Tuesday nights. There are very few combinations as sweet as a can of Coors Light, PBR or Michelob Golden Light and a pile of bacon — for a buck.

The other signature of Wando’s is its classic Fishbowl, a concoption of different liquors and flavors. After getting a free mug and beer from the Nitty Gritty and kissing the moose at State Street Brats, another 21st birthday requirement is having your friends buy you your first fishbowl — or second and third fishbowls — from Wando’s. Go on a Thursday and get one for $15 instead of the standard $20.

A pit stop to Wando’s on the corner of University Avenue and North Frances Street is a regular part of many students’ weekends — or in my case, Tuesdays.