The oldest remedy in the book to solve the hangover blues is to use the hair of the dog that bit you — in other words, drink some more. While that might be the most effective remedy, it certainly can't be called the most healthy or socially acceptable method. For that, you'd have to hit up Mickies Dairy Bar, located on Monroe Street, across from Camp Randall. After spending a night killing brain cells and giving birth to Facebook pictures at a bar, you can find no better locale to revive yourself than the best breakfast joint in Mad Town. Set yourself up in a cramped booth or on the counter where elbow room goes to die, and prepare to enter scrambled-egg-and-potato nirvana, served with just enough grease to settle even Hannibal Lecter's stomach after a trip to the morgue. Yanks, a delightful variation on hash browns, highlight the menu while the scrambler, an oversized and under-priced combo featuring yanks and an omelet with your choice of additive. It is a dairy bar, so be sure to order a malt with your meal. If you live downtown and don't want to hike it to the Camp, you can head to Sun Room Café on State Street, but then again, there is a reason Mickies almost doubled it in votes. Mickies Dairy Bar: 727 votes Sun Room Café: 381 votes