Most of the people who voted in the Student Choice Awards haven't even been to L'Etoile, one of Madison's most elite restaurants; they just wish they had the class to take a date there and actually fit in with the crowd. A dinner at L'Etoile isn't just your average hoity-toity meal, as you don't know; it is a dining experience that begins the moment you step into the second-story establishment. The servers ensure you receive the most personal attention without barging in on intimate conversations, and they make each customer feel as though he is the only person in the restaurant. The ambiance is cozy and classy, but understated so as not to overwhelm diners with flashy colors or overly loud music. And what many voters don't know is that L'Etoile's ever-evolving menu reflects the freshest seasonal cuisine year round. And they don't know that the steaks — which are only the highest quality and change depending on what's hot at the moment — are to die for. The few readers who have experienced L'Etoile know that the exquisite menu is so changeable that they will likely never have the same entrée or dessert twice. The majority of voters don't know that L'Etoile boasts the finest and most flavorful of wines, which enhance and complement each course to perfection. Even though you've never been there, now you know. Voters chose Crave Lounge as the second hottest restaurant in Madison, and its roasted chicken entrée and specialty martinis are definitely deserving of the title. Crave has a more trendy atmosphere and a younger feel, but the menu lacks the ingenuity and personal touch of L'Etoile. L'etoile: 347 votes Crave Lounge: 273 votes