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(Erik Brown 2.17) Paul Soglin 6

Soglin’s ‘report’ undermines accomplishments of Race to Equity

In previous three years, programs have been adopted to make Madison, Dane County more equitable in long run


America is land of opportunities, as long as you aren’t Syrian refugee

Syrian humanitarian crisis reminds one of WWII atrocities

Trump Rally

Ryan should denounce Trump’s contest of election to uphold democratic ideals

Walker, Johnson have already made known outcomes are final


The Badger Herald opinion staff reacts to the third presidential debate

Trump, Clinton distance themselves on fitness for presidency, but do not sufficiently address immigration, our writers conclude

Senator Tammy Baldwin

Why Tammy Baldwin would have been a better VP choice than Tim Kaine

Due to her womanhood, progressive stances, Wisconsin senator had potential for positive press in Clinton's campaign


Trump right, Ryan likely gearing up for 2020 presidential run

Advertisement, distance from Trump show Ryan is at least contemplating a campaign for the presidency


Ravings of a future stay-at-home dad: An open letter to the GOP

A short list of everything Trump has done which should have repelled the Republican party long ago

Commencement Ceremory

There are 69 million eligible millennial voters, so why aren’t candidates talking about college affordability?

In first two presidential debates, 'college' was mentioned only four times

UW students, faculty and community members pack the Memorial Union Theater Tuesday night to hear Hirsi Ali speak.

Let’s ditch this notion of ‘not doing college right’

The full 'college experience' is what you define it to be, not pressures from peers


This Halloween, try not to pick ‘culturally insensitive’ as your costume

A general reminder that culture is not a costume

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