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Standing Rock

Ravings of a Future Stay-At-Home Dad: On DAPL’s Media Portrayl

Though this victory for Water Protectors is worth celebration, it's not a happy-ever-after

trump rally-3

Trump’s cabinet selections prove that he tricked us all

Far from being for common man, billionaire bankers, swamp creatures run president-elect's cabinet


If you don’t have ADHD, you have no business using ADHD medication

Using Adderall, other pills as a study tool undermines mental illness

US Capitol_Building_3

Democrats keep same, old leadership with Pelosi

Someone from Rust Belt, like Tim Ryan, should have been considered for higher position


Time to take a break from politics

There are four long years ahead of us with Trump's policies, actions

election day hillary clinton campaign

Trump victory makes political science obsolete

'Experts' are the ones who thought Clinton would win — how can they explain result?

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Letter to the Editor: UW’s unclear diversity initiatives only hurts campus climate

So much for our university's historic commitment to 'sifting and winnowing'

Lake Mendota with capital

Developing an algae-based alternative energy could help lower cost of clean energy

Climate change is evident in algal blooms in arctic


Start ‘draining the swamp’ here in Wisconsin with limits on dark money

New bill looks to limit coordination between candidates, issue advocacy groups

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Letter to the editor: How to be a vegan in college

Moving to a plant-based diet has never been easier with numerous resources online, new products

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