Fall 2019

New bill of rights for crime victims will make Wisconsin, UW safer

Failed lawsuit attempting to block Marsy's Law from entering Wisconsin ballots highlight need to create additional protections for victims


Reassessment of US relationship with Old World is imperative

Free trade works wonders, is impeded by protectionsim in US


Wisconsin must legalize recreational marijuana within 10 years to sow massive economic benefits

As Midwest begins to legalize recreational marijuana use, Wisconsin needs to follow suit to achieve financial boost in terms of tax revenue


As tuition rates soar, generations of Americans are left financially crippled

Questions about future of education arise following Trump administration's proposed federal budget, students left in a precarious position


Bipartisan bill to end backlog of rape test kits should pass

Constituents' needs should come before the optics of political victory


Women have right to not undergo medically unnecessary procedures for birth control

Medical industry's backwards, sexist policies pose significant threat to gender equality as women seek easier routes to contraceptive pills


Trump betrays Wisconsin, fiscal responsibility for his wall

Despite the predicted ineffectivness of the border wall, Trump has taken money from useful endeavours to spend on his frivolous idea


Point Counterpoint: Criminal justice reform — another promise kept by President Trump

All Americans can be proud of Trump's 'first step' in reforming the American justice system


Point Counterpoint: Trump justice is unequal and stands to protect the powerful alone

Prison system should be focused on rehabilitation, courts should be focused on equality

Letter to the Editor

Badger$ense — the best way to read a job offer

Badgers are in high demand by employers, but they should look at more than salary when comparing offers