Letter to the Editor

Board of Regents free speech decision must be repealed immediately

Vague policy unfairly makes students to choose between voicing opinions, asking questions, possible expulsion


Disparities in healthcare detrimental for American women

Obama-era rollbacks cause for worry for females whose easy access to health insurance, contraceptives could fly out the window


Despite opposition, Muslim Student Association fully deserves SSFC funding

MSA clearly demonstrates commitment to focusing on core programs, expanding campus presence


Where you spend that dollar could be as important as how you fill out your ballot

Shopping responsibly can have more of an impact than you think


Legislation limiting abortion training on campus latest in GOP attack on health

Factual inaccuracies make justifying this legislation nearly impossible


Point Counterpoint: Foxconn will remembered as historic, successful economic reform for Wisconsin

Economic benefits are clear, Wisconsinites can expect surge in jobs created


Point Counterpoint: Foxconn funds could have done so much for Wisconsin

A last ditch effort to leave his mark, Scott Walker's Foxconn plan a misuse of state dollars


Religious freedom for some means oppression for others

Separation of church and state cornerstone of American democracy, protects religious minorities


Board of Regents speech policy a triumph for liberty

Protecting free speech on college campuses is imperative because as it promotes necessary civil discourse, bridges gap between left, right

Letter to the Editor

If you’re shocked by #MeToo, you’re actively contributing to the problem

Being shocked or appalled by recent social media hashtag does nothing productive