Spaces named after KKK affiliates must be reclaimed, renamed for students of color

Simply concealing KKK affiliates' names protects exclusion of marginalized students


Renaming of Gender and Sexuality Campus Center step forward for campus inclusivity

GSCC changes name from LGBT Campus Center to remove restrictive language, continue comprehensive programming

From the Desk of the Editor

From the desk of the editor: On the importance of getting off campus

For incoming freshmen, your home away from home could lie outside confines of campus


It is not hard to maximize your college experience while minimizing spending

Money management can seem daunting, but it just takes some thought, planning


Revoking net neutrality will widen gap of educational opportunity

The government should reinstate net neutrality laws, level educational playing field


By including undocumented students, PEOPLE program takes step forward for educational accessibility

Removal of citizenship requirement means greater opportunities for scholarships, college readiness


Editorial board: Alec Cook’s sentencing shows judges must be held accountable, like any other public official

Role of citizenry in electing, holding judges accountable crucial for future sexual assault cases

Letter to the Editor

In wake of Alec Cook sentencing, it’s time to address incompetent policing

For survivors seeking justice, inept and lazy policing serves as barrier


Editorial board: To combat effects of gerrymandering, power to draw state Legislative districts must change


President Trump is not global symbol of peace

Suggesting our commander in chief has done enough to deserve Nobel Prize is wildly misguided