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Students must turn to Zach Wood as their voice on Madison’s City Council

Wood deserves to continue serving Madison and UW as a member of the Madison City Council


Republicans fail to deliver on yet another promise: repealing Obamacare

GOP failure to repeal ACA shows dysfunction of party, highlights its inability to accomplish anything

Letter to the Editor

Interpretation of religious texts must be left to dedicated scholars

Islam cannot be judged by biased set of hands cherry-picking facts to further a hateful agenda


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Zach Wood for City Council

As a UW alum, Wood's deep understanding of the needs of his constituents, innovative mind, tangible solutions render him perfect fit


Walker’s reforms have solidified Wisconsin success

Act 10, UW funding, business climate, among other things demonstrate governor's competence


The vegetarian’s guide to State Street

Even for nonvegetarians, it is important to support businesses that are mindful of animal product consumption

Letter to the Editor

Extra credit should not come with a price tag

Students who can pay for an A put less privileged classmates at a disadvantage

Letter to the Editor

Diversity initiatives at UW have a long way to go

UW's attempts to create more inclusive campus is a good start, but campus still not truly welcoming


Republican health care bill breaks almost all of Trump’s promises

Under new plan, millions of Americans lose their insurance coverage while the wealthiest profit


Smartphones give us an easy, dangerous escape from reality

Our addiction to smartphones is moving human progress backward, not forward

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