Beloved University of Wisconsin mascot Buckingham Ulysses Badger announced Thursday he would be severing ties with the UW System at the end of the Spring 2021 semester. Bucky made the announcement via Twitter, where he shared a Notes app screenshot explaining the situation.

“As much as I truly love this university and this community, I’ve made a series of realizations regarding myself and my relationship with UW that have lead me to this difficult decision,” Bucky said.

Throughout the tweet, Bucky cited severe burnout, lack of support from the university and a deteriorating relationship with Chancellor Rebecca Blank as reasons for his departure. Bucky stated he has previously attempted to address these issues, but said meetings with Blank have become increasingly difficult to secure, and he used up his 20 individual University Health Services counseling sessions way back in 1952.

“Staying home — like a responsible Badger would — this last year has given me a lot of time to think,” Bucky said. “I’ve reflected a lot recently, and I think this is the healthiest choice for both of us.” 

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While it seemed that Bucky was trying to keep a level head and sever his ties with the university as cleanly as possible, even he wasn’t immune to the frustration many members of the university have been feeling recently.

“This university needs a fresh, new anthropomorphic being that actually has the energy to put up with their shit,” Bucky said near the end of his statement. “I’ve got a burrow in Door County I’ve been saving up for and honestly, that’s about all I’m up to dealing with right now.”

Bucky, of course, will be missed by UW students and the city as a whole, but thus far, Bucky has received mostly what seems to be much-needed support from the residents of Madison. No comment has been made yet by Blank, but the student population expects an extremely passive-aggressive mass email in the next week or so from the Chancellor.

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Replacement mascot candidates have started popping up throughout the city, the most popular being established Madison figures such as Ashleiygh the Anti-Masker, Tommy Thompson the Train, Unnamed Steam Tunnel Rat, that guy that plays the piccolo on Library Mall and Chancellor Becky Blank in her own fursuit.