College is all about finding yourself — making new friends, meeting new people, rooming with enemies, normal stuff. If you’re lucky, you’ll find roommates that you completely jive with. But, it’s more likely that your living situation will present a few bumps along the way.

Maybe you’re a neat freak and your roommate is a slob. You do the dishes right after you eat and your roommate lets them “soak.” These small dissimilarities can really add up.

It’s difficult sharing a space with someone, so it’s no surprise that a pandemic might bring added tension into a household. In the age of online classes and virtual meetups, everyone is going to be spending a lot of time at home.

Whether you re-signed a lease with your old roommates, are rooming with new friends or met some complete randos on Facebook, get ready for a college experience like never before!

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Living in this COVID-era is a bummer, but that just means more time for you and your roommate to talk things out and plan out living in a healthy environment. Buckle up and get ready for some confrontation — we’re not living a passive lifestyle anymore.

Plan on organizing and decorating rooms or common spaces together to get a better idea of your roommates’ tastes while building a feeling of solidarity. Bud Light tapestries complement many modern interior decorations! Once moved in, have an honest and lively conversation about the semester.

It’s important to make plans in case someone gets the coronavirus. While it may be easy to blame Sarah for going to that “small get-together” last Saturday, you will have to be civil when leaving soup outside of her door.

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Some general good advice is to take it one day at a time. It may get boring as you attend online lectures in the comfort of your Cheeto-dust littered bed. You can enjoy little breaks with your roommates. Ask how their classes are going or if their lazy souls ever considered vacuuming the living room.

Hobbies are exciting and often contagious. Do what you love and it might just inspire your roommate to show his or her hidden talent — even if your hobby is watching “Vampire Diaries.” This will ensure a certain level of respect and appreciation for each other leading to a healthier and more wholesome college experience.

Get little things out of the way — wash a couple of dishes, buy that extra toilet paper, do your part and keep it clean. Use dull days that might end up being uneventful to spend some time with yourself. Learn to love yourself and you’re already halfway there.

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Conflicts are inevitable, but talking about them and addressing issues promptly and respectfully is always the best solution. Own up to your messes and make up for them. Put up sticky notes (not passive-aggressive ones), make a group chat, get creative with ways to communicate opinions (once again, we’re avoiding passive-aggressively leaving the dishwasher dirty).

Getting things done together will instill belongingness and respect for each other.

Liking your roommate doesn’t mean hanging out 24/7. Being yourself and trusting your instincts is the best thing you can do. Accept each other’s differences. Night owls and early risers can live in harmony. People who hate pineapple pizza and monsters can live peacefully.

All said, keep in good communication with your roommate, grab some ice cream and the semester ahead shall be sweet. Keep that vibe going and before you know it, it’s 2021, you have lived a whole year together, and people aren’t wearing masks anymore — well, hopefully.