Alright Badgers, it really do be past the add/drop deadline in the spring semester. With schedules finalized, students are starting to characterize what their semesters externally look like. Statements such as “I have no time for fun, RIP me,” and “I should be pretty lax and free all the time, every day,” circulate every corner of campus.

Schedules are more than external determinations, however — they also reveal a student’s inner soul and personality. Deep analysis into a student’s credit load is an easy way to determine their vibe. Here’s a quick reference guide to unveil every Badger’s real mind.

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1-6 Credits

These students are very elusive, some might say even to a fault. They’ll try their best to keep up appearances in public just enough so everyone knows they still exist. With so much time spent outside of class, students with this credit load have time to explore more diverse experiences in life, showcasing their commitment to such values.

As such, this student seeks new opportunities at every venture. They have probably tried the Unicorn Juice from Forage Kitchen already.

Since these students are rarely seen in class or at the library, some speculate these beings possess mythical invisibility powers. Truly, it is this divine power which makes the students with this credit load transcendental in nature.

7-11 credits

Officially part-time students, most in this group still tend to have chill vibes. With the more relaxed course load comes time for more relaxing activities, such as yoga, mediation and binge watching videos of 8-year-olds making slime at 2 a.m. in the morning.

Due to said chill vibes, students may be more level-headed when making decisions. For example, these students are more likely to kick back and read a stimulating book than stress over a flood of papers and quizzes. For some other personalities, this decision may seem like a fever dream. The laid-back nature of this student allows for these dreams to become a reality.

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12-15 credits

It’s likely students with this credit load actually went to see an advisor to talk about their schedule, which illuminates key parts of their personality.

These students like to have a plan and stick to it. They will always get their coffee — a 16 ounce iced coffee with milk, sugar and a hint of vanilla — at exactly 8:11 a.m. daily. They will ride the bus to the Nat like clockwork after their discussion section gets out to run for half an hour. They use these strange inventions called planners to keep their life together. Clearly a foreign concept to some of us, this is just how students with these credit loads work.

New experiences are a bit of a fragile topic with these students. With everything so neatly planned in their lives, it might take a little extra coaxing to get these students to attempt a new venture. Once involved in a new activity, however, these students launch themselves fully into it. Some might call them passionate in these approaches.

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16-17 credits

Teetering on the edge of control and sanity, these students often have insane triple majoring or certificate situations which require an intense load. These students may get a little flustered from time to time due to the amount of appearances they have to keep up with in their classes. Spot them in their sweatpants and messy buns in an aisle lecture seat and feel their slight pain and composure.

Handwriting is one particular mode of analysis someone can turn to when studying these individuals. Some might call their notes, “illegible,” whereas these students might describe their writing as, “artistic.” It’s no wonder many pre-meds are in this group for that reason.

18+ credits

This smells like sweet, sweet burnout. The inner agony becomes thoroughly external at these extremes. Some wonder if they even need to be taking all of these credits for their chosen degree path.

The fact these students might love school more than they love their sanity is remarkable. One might even see these crazed students sitting in on classes they aren’t enrolled in since they are past the credit load limit. It’s a fun game to try to spot the 18 credit hour person in one’s lectures, as there’s always at least one.

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