Well folks, it’s two weeks until Halloween as of Oct. 17. While some may be thinking of unimportant things such as “midterms” and “getting a free flu shot” at this time of year, the pressure is on to come up with fantastic, matching ensembles for your entire household.

Luckily, I’m back again with another campus-inspired listicle. Here are my top picks to make your squad the hippest looking gang at every house party. Since there are seven days to celebrate this year (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Halloween!), there are seven suggestions to light up your spooky wardrobe.

A Single Cheeto

Pop Aesthete

According to the illustrious University of Wisconsin campus tour guides, a student burns the amount of calories in one Cheeto when they trek up Bascom Hill. Now, whether or not a student ever actually climbs Bascom Hill is debatable, as the 80 is super convenient to ride for two stops to get up the hill. But the look will be sure to be a conversation starter at any mixer, especially as this requires the whole squad to be one single Cheeto. I recommend being the top of the Cheeto.

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The Dining Halls

Herald Archives

With six distinct manufacturers of gourmet cuisine to spur inspiration to craft an outfit, the dining halls will let every member of squad shine. Let your roommate who always wings it for their speech assignment fly with a Wings Wednesday at Newell’s look. Stir up some conversation as Rheta’s stir fry. If one member of squad is particularly basic, they can easily be Gordon and whatever is served up and called “food” there.


Katie Cooney/The Badger Herald

It’s Superman! It’s a plane! No, it’s a flock of the official birds of Madison! The great thing about this option is the potential for different levels of commitment needed to be put into the costumes. A squad could get away with just wearing pink shirts and black pants if the idea of putting effort into life seems like a stretch during midterms season. On the other hand, a group could create head-to-toe looks complete with beaks, ruffled feathers and tufts of grass lining their shoes. The possibilities are endless.

The Care Bears but with Terrace Chairs


Angela Peterson/The Badger Herald

“Terr-Chair Stare” at all the non-decked out partygoers at your Halloweekend affair with this showstopping group. Just think, the cuddly, furry aspects of the Care Bears costume will provide warmth on an inevitably cold Wisconsin “it’s not winter, it’s fall!” night, but the terrace chair insignia on each belly’s center will bring nostalgia of warm days to every shivering person on the deck of your friend’s house. This suggestion will cement you as the pun master of your friend group.

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A Bunch of Laptop Stickers

Angela Peterson/The Badger Herald

Laptop stickers help explain student’s personalities to passersby in College Library, so it makes complete sense for members of a squad to each pick a sticker to express their kooky personalities. Think Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a sassy student org and Bucky Badger doesn’t make sense as a trio? Think again.

The Football Team but only Players Named Alex

Jon Yoon

Nope, no sneaky Alec Ingold costumes here. With only three players to choose from, this look is recommended for smaller squads only. Prepare for there to be drama over who gets to be Alex Fenton, the most well-known Alex on the team.

Me as a Pumpkin Baby

Richard Peterson

As a well-known campus celebrity, I suggest everyone in your squad try to emulate my elaborate younger form this Hallow’s Eve. The look is peak 90s flair, complete with a stylish pumpkin beret. This look also provides good insulation from the chilly October air, as it is a onesie. Bonus points if someone in your squad can look as fly as I.